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Theaters are closed, but the movies are still out

Money still needs to be made when big movie theater branches, like AMC. When they are supposed to have a movie in the theaters making money but do not, they have to find different avenues even if theaters are closed.

All movie theaters are now closed to help protect from the spread of COVID-19, this means a lot for the movies on their own.

To make up for the absence of any ticket purchases, AMC has started a mini online-streaming service.

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AMC is now letting you purchase and rent movies through their website. You can purchase movies that are in theaters right now, rent movies that are about to or have made it to digital or disc release.

For purchases of movies that would be in theaters or new releases, the cost is form $9.99 to $19.99. The price all depends on how much money the movie made and how much money it was projected to make.

As for the rentals, the price range is the same as purchases and they are for movies that have recently left the theaters or were popular movies since the end of last year.

There are also plenty of other movie options that have come in the last few years. Movies such as “Suicide Squad,” “La La Land” and “Red,” which dates back to 2010. AMC has created an on-demand system with select movie options. As imagined, these movies are running for less money to rent or buy than the newer releases.

Movie theater chains such as AMC aren’t the only video outlet making changes, as Disney is going to add their movies that are in a theater to their Disney+ streaming platform.

“Onward,” which was in theaters when the Corona Virus made movie theater chains close their doors, is now on its way to Disney+. The movie was released in theaters on Mar. 6, which gave it over a week in theaters. This gave the movie enough time and exposure for Disney to put it in Disney+. Another factor that made this move easy, was that “Onward” was a success at the box office, making $101.7 million in two weeks, according to Collider.

Disney Pixar&squot;s "Onward," which opened in theaters on Mar 6, but will soon be streaming on Disney+.
Disney Pixar's "Onward," which opened in theaters on Mar 6, but will soon be streaming on Disney+. Photo credit:

Another reason for this move would be to get more content on streaming platforms since people will and are spending a lot more time at home watching series or movies.

With movies being pushed back and movies currently getting pulled from theaters, it would be expected of other streaming platforms to make similar accommodations with all the chaos going around.

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