Take-out Thursday Review: the Bowery satisfies that comfort food craving

Janice Garcia

Even though people cannot celebrate your favorite occasion at The Bowery in Fullerton, they are able to grab their favorite pizza in this difficult time.

They did not have any Bavarian Style Pretzels, so the next choice was the Mozzarella Balls. The Mozzarella Balls were served with marinara sauce and everything tasted fresh from the cheese to the sauce. The taste was even better with the steamy marinara sauce for the $10.

The craving of cheese was dealt with and would definitely recommend another order for cheese lovers.

The order of traditional buffalo wings at The Bowery.
The order of traditional buffalo wings at The Bowery. Photo credit: Janice Garcia

The next item on the menu was buffalo wings and what doesn’t go better with pizza than some $10 bone-in wings. If you like your wings well done, then these are the wings for you. Also, the wings needed more buffalo sauce, so ask for more sauce on the side if you don’t like them dry.

The other wings on the menu include Ride or Thai, which consists of a Thai hard chili glaze, BBQ Texas-style wings and the Wings of Fire and range from $12 to $14. Please ask for the challenge wings if you want to participate if you dare.

The Wings of Fire challenge consists of a customer eating six wings in six minutes. If you drink any milk before finishing all six wings that means that you could not complete the challenge. Anyone who completes the challenge gets a free pizza and one pitcher of beer. Good luck to anyone that attempts this.

When it comes to The Bowery, customers have many options to choose from including Build Your Own Pizza, Pizza by the Slice, Classic and Bowery Pizza.

The Build Your Own Pizza included Italian sausage, jalapeños and ricotta cheese. It might sound weird but the combination of those three items was perfect together.

The Build Your Own Bowery Pizza which consisted of Italian sausage, jalapeños, and ricotta cheese.
The Build Your Own Bowery Pizza which consisted of Italian sausage, jalapeños, and ricotta cheese. Photo credit: Janice Garcia

The small pizza was big enough for two people and still have some for leftovers for the next day. Each topping is $0.75 for the small pizza, $2 for the medium, $3 for the large and $3.50 for the XL pizza.

Cheese, Pepperoni, Supreme, Lava Luau, The Butcher, Pesto, BBQ Chicken, Pizza Blanco and Buffalo Chicken Pizza are a part of the Classic Pizzas that The Bowery offers. Customers can choose from a slice of pizza, small 12 inches, medium 16 inches, large 20 inches or an XL 22 inches pizza.

The Bowery Pizzas include the Taco Pizza, Bad Hunter, Truffle Shuffle, Californian and Tipsy Pig and range from $6 to $34.50 depending on the size of the pizza.

The Bowery hours of operation have been cut and are only offering take-out or delivery during the hours of 5 – 8 p.m. Monday through Sunday and they are located at 112 E. Commonwealth Ave in Fullerton. They are also offering 20% off your first online order if you text “Bowery” to 33733. They are also offering packaged alcohol beverage orders for take-out and delivery.

The Bowery can be found on Instagram (@theboweryfullerton), Facebook or visit them on its website at https://www.thebowerypies.com/#for more information.