How beauty salons are being affected amid the Coronavirus Epidemic

Natalie West

As the globe is still currently in the midst of the pandemic, every beauty shop in Fullerton has its doors closed until further notice.

After being in quarantine for over a month now, many adults are beginning to forget that part of these workers includes the beauty industry, such as nail technicians, stylists, estheticians, etc.

Quarantine has caused a lot of beauty clients to grow impatient and post about wanting to dye their hair with box dye or rip off their lash extensions because they simply can’t handle waiting anymore.

“Clients can really damage their hair coloring it themselves. My waxing clients have asked what they can do at home. It’s really tough,” said Desi Mcdermott, a skincare specialist at Salon Lujon in Fullerton.

Salon Lujon is one of the many closed beauty salons in Fullerton amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Salon Lujon is one of the many closed beauty salons in Fullerton amid the coronavirus pandemic. Photo credit: Map Quest Photo

People’s stylists and technicians are depending on their clients as much as the clients are depending on them for the nearest appointment.

These beauty workers are independent contractors and self-employed. Their industry isn’t used to having this much time off. Mcdermott explained that “This was the most time she has taken off of work in the past 30 years”. There hasn’t been much coverage in the media about Salon Workers. Mcdermott claims, “We’ve been feeling left out.”

Salon Lujon has been closed since Mar. 17 and doesn’t plan on re-opening until further notice as well as many other salons around Fullerton. Without knowing how much longer that might be, they are following the orders of the CDC and abiding by the law.

As for what’s to come is what is predicted to be a big change. Once salons open up again, new distancing restrictions are going to have to be implemented as well as more precautions with sanitation and sterilization. According to Mcdermott, “The State Board of Cosmetology is very strict on sanitation and sterilization in salons giving heavy fines to rules that are broken.”

Going forward, there are no set dates as to when everything will open back up.