COVID-19 Weekly Update: 4/27-5/3

Holly Hulion

Orange County is hit with unfortunate news regarding complete closure of its beaches after thousands of people made their way to the warm and sunny shorelines this past weekend. The order was made by Governor Gavin Newsom, on Friday, due to an over crowding of beaches.

Newsom stated, “My job as a governor is to keep you safe. And when our health folks tell me they can’t promise that if we promote another weekend like what we had, then I have to make this adjustment.”

Governor Gavin Newsom covering COVID-19.
Governor Gavin Newsom covering COVID-19. Photo credit: 23ABC News

Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner was one of the many critics that voiced their opinion on the matter. “Medical professionals tell us the importance of fresh air and sunlight in fighting infectious diseases, including mental health benefits’. This leads people into wanting to be back to their normal lives.

The city councils of both Huntington Beach and Dana Point have voted to take legal action against the state of California to block the beach closure order. There was an emergency meeting held in regards to the closure. Many people are enraged by the order, as visiting local beaches is an outlet during this trying time.

Hundreds of people storming the streets of Orange County.
Hundreds of people storming the streets of Orange County. Photo credit: ABC7 News

The complete closure of beaches has lead to a massive amount of protesters in the Orange County streets. Large crowds people flooded the streets of the Orange County Beaches Saturday, to debate policy and voice their opinion on the closures.

In addition, Governor Newsom stated, “I feel some confidence over the course of the next week we’re going to be able to make some announcements that will give people some more confidence in the ability for California to get back on its economic feet.” Although this may be ideal for some, there are also worries that people will congregate together, which would certainly cause major setbacks in battling COVID-19.

Protestors demand their freedom back in Huntington Beach.
Protestors demand their freedom back in Huntington Beach. Photo credit: Apu Gomes

There is confidence that places will soon open back up and life can go back to somewhat normal, with the addition of specific precautions and policies concerning the virus. It would not be surprising that many social distancing guidelines will still be in place, along with hygiene procedures that are being followed at the moment. These policies and procedures will only lead to healthier and safer places for people, now and in the future.