COVID-19 stress relief is given through the FC Students Support Group

Jocelyn Rabadan

On Tuesday, Fullerton College’s honors society program Phi Theta Kappa hosted the FC Students Support Group on Zoom for anyone looking to give or receive help, especially with complications dealing with online instruction and personal troubles caused by quarantine.

This is the current Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society logo.
This is the current Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society logo. Photo credit: Phi Theta Kappa FC

Students chatted with experienced members about mental health and the general struggles they’re facing these days. Advisors consisted of campus psychologist Dana Timmermans and Nicole Carson and English professor Darren Chiang-Schultheiss.

Fullerton College’s PTK President Alice Yoon hosted the chat with open ears. She said that her main goal as President was to set up a sense of community and create an effective support system.

A woman video chats with a man wearing a surgical mask.
A woman video chats with a man wearing a surgical mask.

Yoon stated “[I want students] to share their angst, worries, concerns or stressors of the day, especially with how things have drastically changed in ways that are new for everyone; and to also come out of it with tips to help improve or mitigate those stressors. But most importantly, I want people to be themselves, and to express or share things that may overwhelm them due to what’s going on in the world,”.

Though specific details of the chat cannot be revealed for privacy’s sake, Yoon said that most that dropped by were new or non-traditional students trying to navigate remote learning caused by COVID-19. Others likewise came with insecurities and uncertainties towards a future unknown. Thus, they talked about coping with anxiety and stress. The personal sharing aspect of it all, Yoon notes, was the most important thing to her.

She acknowledged that even though the resource is still in its infancy, the meetings they have had were very successful. Her plan for next time is to get feedback on their time management. This session lasted well over an hour with all the students telling their stories and adding their own input.

Her best advice to students during this pandemic is to join the FC Students Support Group. She wants people to be comfortable talking about anything troubling their private lives in an environment that is open and receiving.

A woman takes notes while video chatting with someone.
A woman takes notes while video chatting with someone. Photo credit: Julia M Cameron

“It’s best to not be socially isolated during an already difficult quarantine. Social interaction needs to be kept up; otherwise, a feeling of depression starts to set in, which is not a good thing because this quarantine could go on for many more months until a vaccine or treatment is in place. That is why having a support system is crucial during this time. I was impressed with how well it all went. I’ve already met new faces and friends here and I’m looking forward to next week’s session!” said Yoon.

Access to the Zoom link and other questions can be answered through [email protected].