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COVID-19 weekly report: 5/4-5/10

Coronavirus is still going around and people are not taking it too seriously. There are more people out now since California agreed to open some businesses on Friday.

COVID-19 Weekly
COVID-19 Weekly Photo credit: NHPR

California has confirmed they will be going through different stages, Friday they were partaking stage one where essential businesses will be opening up. They mentioned that within this stage they will be strict on safety guidelines.

More recently a lot of people have been gathering around together since Mother’s Day has passed causing many families to get together for the holiday. It is noticeable that the streets have increased traffic recently. Many people are cooperating with regulated rules and social distancing.

Mother Days Parade
Mother Days Parade Photo credit: Gabrielle Lurie

The City of Huntington Beach has had various protests due to Governor Newsom closing the beaches after many locals and non-locals did not follow the guidelines of safety putting the city in danger because of all the gatherings that were being helped there. The protest lasted about two days and people have exposed themselves to the virus.

There have been even more amounts of people breaking rules by going to the beach to see the amazing bioluminescence waves. The bioluminescence lights have been trending on social media and more people are going on adventures to catch the blue lights.

Protest at HB
Protest at HB Photo credit: OC Register

Selected DMV’s have also opened on Friday for those who are looking to renew their IDs or License.

Last week it is to believe people were still quarantining but with the business reopening, people are going out to gather. Many people seem to be tired of being home and gathering with family and friends 6-ft apart.

The class of 2020 is now starting to graduate virtually. Students and parents are giving their children a car parade graduation to not expose themselves.

Employment people are now getting checks coming in of $600. The president has already given mostly everyone who qualified for a stimulus check their pay.

The four stages of Covid-19 is due to be happening faster than we can imagine. It is to believe that California will be reopening within weeks not months. Coronavirus has been impacting people but there has been a decrease in most places such as Orange County.

For the safety of us and our communities, it is important to follow the regulations. The sooner everyone takes pre-caution the safer it will be for everyone. Us as a community are weeks towards getting California reopened with these stages now we are heading towards stage two.

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