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On-campus resources will be limited for summer and fall semesters

In an interview with President Schulz, he confirmed the campus closure will mean closure for the library, bookstore, cafeteria, and other campus amenities. However, with no physical access to the library or other resources on campus, there will be other resources online.

Campus Closed
Campus Closed Photo credit: NCSA

As for amenities such as the math and writing center, online tutoring via zoom calls will be able to be done with students in need of tutoring. These are all initial plans for Fullerton College moving forward.

With everything online, there is a possibility that some hands-on classes will meet in person only when necessary. If this were the case, the school would need to take into count which buildings will need to be sanitized and unlocked so they can be accessible to students.

Fullerton College Library
Fullerton College Library Photo credit: Andrew Gutierrez

President Schulz mentioned the availability of the laptops they were distributing for students. There are many laptops being used and plenty that are still available. With the need for laptops being a priority this gives students who don’t have laptops access to do their homework. The school purchased more laptops for students just in case of a circumstance where more are needed for summer and fall.

The bookstore is also an important location on campus for the students. It has been announced that they will be closed for as long as the campus is closed. All of the bookstore’s resources will remain online as well. For more information on how the bookstore will handle current procedures, go to the related article here.

President Schulz remains positive on the outlook of COVID-19 and hopes to resume in-person classes soon. He also stated the importance of keeping the campus well-sanitized as it has been, and to follow guidelines that are given.

Dr. Schulz, President of Fullerton College
Dr. Schulz, President of Fullerton College Photo credit: Fullerton College

There are no current plans for the Spring 2021 semester, but school and district are currently working on future plans.

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