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Enjoy OC Fair foods on the Go

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many summer events have been postponed or canceled, including the popular OC Fair. Many friends and families make summer plans for a visit to the annual fair, but because of the unexpected circumstances, they have missed out on rides, exhibitions and one of the most popular fair attractions: the food.

Giant smoked turkey legs fresh off the grill and ready to serve.
Giant smoked turkey legs fresh off the grill and ready to serve. Photo credit: Myron Caringal

The OC Fair Food Drive-Thru started at the end of last month on Friday, August 28th, and will run through the end of September.

There are two car lanes in the drive-thru. The left lane is for ordering and the right lane acts as a passing lane. Customers can enter and exit each lane depending on the vendor they are interested in ordering from. Event attendants help guide the flow of traffic throughout the drive-thru.

There is no admission fee for the event and visitors only pay for their food. However, fair food is known for having higher prices. Food vendors are accepting credit card payments only.

Juicy’s Giant Western Sausage, All American Cheeseburger and Mountain of Curly Fries are $12 each. These selections are larger-scale food items, so the price is reasonable.

The fan-favorite deep-fried fair foods are relatively more expensive. A regular funnel cake is $11. One with strawberries and whipped cream is $13 and the added Nutella to top it off is an extra $2. Five pieces of Fried Oreos are $8.

Nevertheless, the heart-burn inducing food is very worth it to fair foodies. There is no other place right now to get fried butter and a giant turkey leg.

Fried Oreos are a popular fair food.
Fried Oreos are a popular fair food. Photo credit: Myron Caringal

“Food was as expected, they had pretty much all the variety of stands. It was well organized and an easy drive up process,” said Carson Ginocchio from the city of Orange.

The OC Fair Food Drive-Thru operates on Friday and Saturday from 12 to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 12 to 6 p.m. There are only two more weekends left for the event, so hurry for this limited-time opportunity.

This event is entirely drive-thru only. The OC Fair & Events Center asks visitors to wear a mask and stay in their cars. All vendors and event attendants are ensuring the safety of their customers by following COVID-19 regulations for food service.

For more information and to view the full menu, you can visit the OC Fair website at

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