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Creative Spotlight: Introducing Darden, one of the OC’s hometown bands

Darden represents their love for music and their music journey in Orange County. Currently, the group is made up of three sisters, Havi, 21, Clarah, 22, and Tabbi, 19.

The Darden Sisters have been influenced by their family and community to find their sound.

“We have a lot of influence from the OC music scene as well because we’ve grown up here and our uncles are in OC punk rock bands. We have all of these of surrounding influences that have kind of been weaving into our sound,” said Clarah.

The band started performing in churches and branched off to play at retirement homes, restaurants and private parties.

There was one family member that inspired them to find their sound.

“We also took influence from our grandpa [Joe Tatar] who played a lot of ’40s and ’50s music,” said Havi.

The band is described to have an Americana and Folk band presence; however, their younger brother, Josiah, is adding the Rock and Roll vibes while playing the drums. Even the youngest Darden, Noah, is getting ready to join the world of music.

The Darden Sisters are an Americana and Folk band in Orange County.
The Darden Sisters are an Americana and Folk band in Orange County. Photo credit: Jordan Tollman

“We grew up playing music together,” said Tabbi.

There are always pros and cons while working with family, but Darden’s story helped them become better communicators.

While growing up, the Darden family lived in a trailer and couldn’t escape each other. If they were angry at each other, as many siblings would be, they had to let go of their feelings and work it out. The sisters did not make the lack of privacy hinder their music career.

The Darden Sisters started singing at 2-years-old and then picked up their first instruments 10 years later. Clarah plays the guitar, Havi is on the mandolin and Tabbi plays the bass.

Havi (left), Clarah (center), and Tabbi (right) Darden talk about the importance of their band, Darden.
Havi (left), Clarah (center), and Tabbi (right) Darden talk about the importance of their band, Darden. Photo credit: Janice Garcia

One of the four Darden sisters, Selah, is currently taking a break from the band.

Darden is appreciative that the city of Fullerton has shown the most support in their music before and during the pandemic.

During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Darden sisters had a lot of free time but that changed month by month. They have performed in socially distanced concerts at The Muckenthaler Cultural Center, Mammoth Pool at Wagner’s Store & Outpost and throughout Orange County. Darden has also performed via Zoom for an audience at a retirement home.

Darden has been constantly giving their fans more content during this difficult time.

“Now we are definitely utilizing and trying to get more content and just be on top of the social media world,” said Tabbi.

Earlier this year, the inspiration of one song to bring awareness of the wildfires in Australia.

The sisters played their song “One Wave” in front of a mental awareness group and was honored to share their passion with other music lovers.

Another experience that boosted their love for music is performing the National Anthem at Angel Stadium during Monster Jam.

“It felt like they were there for us even though they were there for the monster trucks,” Tabbi chuckled.

The venues that they performed at are near where they perform at an educational level. Clarah, Havi and Tabbi Darden currently attend Fullerton College.

Clarah is a second-year Music major and receiving her recording certificate, Havi is a second-year Art History major and Tabbi, is a third-year Nutrition and Dietetics major have experienced positive music influences through the Fullerton College classes.

“College has been really helpful to be able to share our music and have a supportive group whenever you join a class,” said Clarah.

Darden is ready to learn more about production and hopes to use their Fullerton College courses to become more self-sufficient in their music career.

Darden can be found on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at Darden The Band.

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