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Fullerton College Professors are Shining a New Light on Art

The Fullerton College Fine Arts Department is allowing students and the world to view some of the best artwork during this unprecedented time.

The 2020 Faculty Biennial is a collection of artworks from 23 of Fullerton College’s Fine Arts faculty members including Carla Falb.

Falb has been a part of the Faculty Biennial for a second time and showing her artwork “RISING SPIRIT” (2019) AND “SURRENDER” (2019).

The background on Falb’s artwork stems from the curiosity of rollercoasters instead of fearing them. She began painting roller coasters in 2002 and has added many pieces to her collection. Falb focuses on how the “light shines through the darkness.”

Professor Falb&squot;s artwork "Rising Spirit" captured in Santa Monica, California in 2019.
Professor Falb's artwork "Rising Spirit" captured in Santa Monica, California in 2019. Photo credit: Carla Falb

“RISING SPIRIT” is an oil on board piece where Falb examined and photographed the West Coaster on the Santa Monica Pier at night. “The light symbolizes the connection with spirits,” said Falb.

“SURRENDER” is an oil on linen piece also captured in Santa Monica, California in 2019.

“In this image, you can see the structure of the Ferris wheel and the track of the roller coaster, and then the light streams that my camera captured,” said Falb.

Digital art, illustrations, ceramics, sculptures, graphic design, printmaking, design, drawing, and painting are all displayed in the 2020 Faculty Biennial. Alongside Professor Falb, the following Fullerton College professors participated in the virtual exhibition:

– Exeuiel Ang

– Samantha Carroll

– Deborah Davidson

– Melanie Donegan

– Jim Dowdall

– Ed Foster

– Michael Hanson

– William Henke

– Garret Kaida

– Bernard Lee

– Robin McCauley

– Jennifer Minasian

– Sara Rokni

– Cheryl Savala

– Nanci Schrieber-Smith

– Todd Smith

– Linda Southwell

– Klutch Stanaway

– Vonn Sumner

– Tara Tavonatti

– Marshall Vandruff

However, the Faculty Biennial would not be possible without the help of Fullerton College students.

Carol Henke, the Gallery Director, followed the student’s lead in coordinating the virtual exhibition.

“They agreed to have a website that connected to a virtual space. I followed their lead,” said Henke. The Fine Arts Department held their first virtual student gallery in the spring semester and the students wanted to create another project.

The goal was accomplished, and the exhibition has been live since August 14 and will end on December 11.

Henke has been the Fullerton College Art Gallery Director since 2011 and was excited to display the work of the faculty and the inspiration that they offer to the students and community.

“We have the best faculty,” said Henke. “Not to put anyone else down.”

The display of the 2018 Faculty Biennial at the Fullerton College Art Gallery.
The display of the 2018 Faculty Biennial at the Fullerton College Art Gallery. Photo credit: Fullerton College

Even though, the art gallery is temporarily closed, there is no stopping the department from not showing off the artwork to its students.

To follow the CDC guidelines, Henke knows the student’s experiences will face some differences. “The experience on a screen isn’t going to be good as in person,” said Henke.

It is empowering to see the student’s passion in the Fullerton College’s Fine Arts Department and showcasing their professor’s artwork to be viewed by their peers, Orange County, Southern California, and the rest of the country.

Students can view the virtual exhibition and see the display of art from the 23 faculty members and they can found more information about the Fullerton College Art Gallery events on Instagram and Facebook.

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