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Ten questions with… Courtney Fonti


Hornet: What is your major and why?

Fonti: My major is neuropsychology. There are many reasons why I chose this major, but the main influence was my passion to help people.

Hornet: What is your ultimate career goal?

Fonti: My ultimate career goal is to be a researcher in the science community working on various diseases and disorders. After that I hope to do clinical psychology.

Hornet: Did you ever play any sports?

Fonti: I played many sports growing up such as baseball, hockey, cheerleading and basketball. However, I always stuck with soccer and it became my favorite sport.

Hornet: When did you start playing soccer?

Fonti: I have been playing soccer since I was five.

Hornet: Best FC athletic memory?

Fonti: Being a starter was definitely towards the top but attending the Sophomore Bowl in San Jose was my favorite.

Hornet: Who are some of your heroes on or off the field?

Fonti: One of my heroes off the field is my mom. She has been there to support me through all the games, practices and tournaments.

Hornet: Did you get any offers to play at the next level and from where?

Fonti: I’ve had offers from Ithaca College, Johns Hopkins University, Whittier College, Hope International University and some other out of state universities.

Hornet: Which one are you leaning towards?

Fonti: I am still looking over all of the options.

Hornet: What are you passionate about off the field?

Fonti: I am very passionate about music. I record music with friends, that’s what I do on the weekends.

Hornet: If you could sit down and have dinner with any three people who would they be and why?

Fonti: The first person would be my grandmother because she has been my biggest supporter. My dad because he has shown me how to be a great player. The last person would be God because he has given me the strength and guidance to be a good athlete and student.

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