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AMC offers private theater rentals starting at $99

AMC’s offering rentals of entire theaters starting at $99, providing a safe way for moviegoers to attend movies with friends and family in a theater all to themselves.

The private theater rental is good for up to 20 total guests as the auditoriums are only operating at 40% capacity or less to allow for social distancing. Advertised as AMC’s Safe and Clean Auditorium, attendees can expect a cleansed environment and peace of mind.

Private Theatre Rentals at AMC advertisement.
Private Theatre Rentals at AMC advertisement. Photo credit: AMC

COVID-19 has forced theaters across the nation to close for an extended period of time, delayed many film releases, and pushed back filming schedules everywhere. Movie theater chains suffered a great loss during these unexpected long closures. As more and more businesses began to open up in different cities and states, AMC Theaters needed to come up with a way to invite audiences back into their auditoriums in a safe manner.

At the local AMC DINE-IN Fullerton 20, over 30 titles are available to choose from but choices are limited depending on the date and time. Upon booking a private rental, customers will be prompted to choose a movie title.

Starting at $99 plus tax, moviegoers can choose movies that have already been released like the holiday favorite, “The Santa Clause” or a movie perfect for all ages like “Toy Story.” Private theater rentals for new releases range from $149 plus tax to $349 plus tax depending on location and they are now playing new horror titles like “Come Play” and new action titles like “The Honest Thief.”

Though it is considered a private party, gourmet food or drinks catering options are not included with the deal. Outside food and drinks are not permitted in the theater but some theater concessions like popcorn, nachos, and drinks are available for purchase while booking online. Concessions are also available to order at the theater at certain locations.

One of offerings available when you rent an AMC theater out.
One of offerings available when you rent an AMC theater out. Photo credit:

The auditoriums in Fullerton are equipped with AMC signature recliners so there is plenty of space to lounge around in comfort while also enjoying some concessions.

One thing to note is that AMC requires a mask to be worn before, during, and after the movie unless actively consuming food and drinks.

With many people being stuck inside for months, this may be a viable option for many large families or groups of friends to get out and enjoy a bit of normalcy in a movie theater while also keeping contact with others outside of their circle to a minimum.

Normally priced AMC movie tickets range from $10-$20 depending on the area and movie formatting so if there are at least six people in a group, it could be well beyond worth it to many considering the rental is good for up to 20 people.

To book a private theater rental at AMC in Fullerton or any AMC in the country, visit

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