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Do FC student-athletes feel safe conditioning on campus?

Fullerton College recently resumed outdoor athletic conditioning on Oct.19 for student-athletes from several of the intercollegiate teams.

The California Community College Athletic Training Association COVID-19 workgroup and the Orange County Health Agency guidelines were used to create strict safety measures.

Those of which include daily temperature and symptom checks, a mask protocol, social distancing and more.

Coaches, administrators and students all had to complete training on COVID-19 safety practices before their return last month. Students were also required to complete a health screening with their personal physicians in order to meet medical eligibility. Part of this health screening included specific screening questions.

Student-athletes have been conditioning in "pods" in order to practice social distancing.
Student-athletes have been conditioning in "pods" in order to practice social distancing. Photo credit: Fullerton College Physical Education

Teams were then divided into “pods” of 10 or fewer student-athletes each to practice social distancing.

These pods participate in athletic conditioning activities that are both contactless and socially distanced.

Daniel O’Neil, a member of the men’s basketball team stated that he believes the athletic trainers are doing a great job under the circumstances.

He expressed that the team hasn’t been in the weight room or athletic training room that much, only very briefly to complete temperature and symptom checks.

O’Neil stated that the temperature and symptom checks have been meticulous too, with students having to sanitize their hands upon entry and only one person is allowed to be in the weight room at a time.

Overall, he feels safe being back on campus and believes Fullerton College has done a good job at creating a safe environment for its student-athletes.

Sanitation has definitely become a priority on campus with the Maintenance and Operations department at Fullerton College utilizing best practices while cleaning and disinfecting working and learning spaces on campus.

They have been following CDC and EPA guidelines while disinfecting bathrooms, classrooms and areas of high traffic on a nightly basis.

Disinfectant items such as wipes and free standing hand sanitizers will be available for staff and students around campus as soon as supplies are available.

Custodial staff utilize two different kinds of disinfectant: ACE 256 and a multi-surface sanitizer. They use both of these on all touch surfaces and restrooms.

Custodial staff utilize a mild acid RTU as a bowl cleaner and RTU Comet disinfectant in the locker rooms of the 1700 and 1200 buildings for the shower stalls. Fullerton College has an adequate supply of all of these chemicals and all dispensers are filled with disinfectants and sanitizers.

The Softball team has yet to use the facilities on campus.
The Softball team has yet to use the facilities on campus. Photo credit: Fullerton College Athletics

Nikki Gonzalez, a member of the Softball team, stated that she believes that there is always something more that can be done to ensure safety. She stated that Fullerton College is doing the best that they can with what they are given at the moment but there are always ways to improve.

While the staff is working hard to ensure that the student-athletes are safe, its ultimately up to the athletes and coaches to make sure that they are being safe outside of campus as well.

Gonzalez then shared that her team found out recently that they aren’t going to be able to go on campus so they have been finding ways to avoid the spread of Covid-19 and having workouts through Zoom.

She said that while it’s not ideal when you’re trying to create a bond with a team, it works and they are trying to make the best of it that they can.

The Hornets softball team has been unable to use the facilities to practice on campus in both the weight room or in the athletic training center, so they were unaware of the sanitation system they currently have going on.

“I think as long as everyone is being safe and cautious and understands what they need to do to prevent the spread of COVID then there shouldn’t be a problem using shared facilities” Gonzalez added.

Overall, student-athletes seem eager to continue their conditioning and workouts while understanding that they need to follow protocol in order to stay safe. Meanwhile Fullerton College is diligently ensuring that facilities remain properly sanitized at all times.

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