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Zoey Luna’s Impact in the Latinx community

The Craft: Legacy actress Zoey Luna is making a difference in the Latinx community and pop culture as well.

Luna is a 19-year-old trans woman from Downey, California, raised by two immigrant parents from Mexico. Luna is making a difference because she is breaking the standards that don’t represent the Latinx LGBTQ community. This is something important that should get people talking and informed.

Zoey Luna starring in 'The Craft: Legacy'
Zoey Luna starring in 'The Craft: Legacy' Photo credit: LA Times

The Latinx community majority of the time is not as accepting towards the LGBTQ community, usually because it goes against the normal traditional standards that the older generation expects everyone else to follow.

Not only is this a major moment for Luna but it can also be very dangerous for her to be in the spotlight because trans women and men are always targeted and harmed for expressing themselves.

It’s important to be aware of these issues because this is not simple or easy for the racial minority that is a part of the LGBTQ community. They are risking their lives because they want to be able to express themselves and be who they want to be without following the strict standards.

It is rare to see anyone from Orange County making it big, especially anyone from the Latinx LGBTQ community. She is inspiring and setting an example for so many people including young kids and teens whether they identify as a woman, man, or non-binary that have hidden talents or afraid to be themselves because of the social standards that are expected to be followed.

Throughout recent years, there’s been a little bit of representation but not enough, this is just the beginning of breaking these strict standards.

Zoey Luna with her family at the Los Angeles Public Library.
Zoey Luna with her family at the Los Angeles Public Library. Photo credit: LA Public Library & Zoey Luna

Luna is inspiring many people that are apart of the LGBTQ community and nonbinary people as well to pursue their dreams and become that representation for young children apart of the LGBTQ community.

Diversity needs to take place in every major movie and tv show because people can feel inspired to do something big and be in charge of their own dreams.

Luna once stated in a recent interview for Indiewire, “I hope more trans people can start playing more cis roles but also I want to see less of Jared Leto’s in wigs.”

In recent years, there have been multiple cis men and women playing transgender roles in movies and tv shows, which is very insensitive and disrespectful towards the trans community. Cisgender is a term used for people that identify the same-sex assigned they were assigned with at birth. These acting roles should only be played by real trans women and men because they represent the community and they know how it’s like to be a trans woman or man in this society, which a cis-gendered woman or man will never experience.

Zoey Luna for HRC foundation
Zoey Luna for HRC foundation Photo credit: HRC Foundation & Zoey Luna

Luna already made an impact in the Latinx community as well as the LGBTQ community, she is now an image that young kids and teens can look up to because she is representing a special part of them. She is paving the way for every inspiring transgendered actors and actresses of all ages, as well as those that are non-binary.

Her journey being an actress can inspire many people and break the strict Hollywood movie standards. People must respect and gives everyone a chance because it can have an impact and make a big difference in this strict society, especially in the Latinx community.

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