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Get into the Christmas spirit safely this season

There’s no doubt that Christmas will be very different this year due to COVID-19. Since the pandemic is only getting worse as of lately, a lot of events that usually take place around this time of year will not be happening; but that doesn’t mean Christmas is canceled.

The holiday season can go on in a safe way where everyone’s health won’t be compromised. It is not recommended that anyone attend a party or large gathering this holiday season because COVID-19 cases are rising every day in Orange County.

According to the Orange County Health Care Agency, 25,763 COVID-19 tests were taken today with 3,250 coming back positive. Coronavirus is not under control so it is important to wear a mask, follow the social distance guidelines and keep one’s health in mind.

Christmas tree decorated with ornaments and bright lights.
Christmas tree decorated with ornaments and bright lights. Photo credit: Angelica Salas

However, anyone can still celebrate the holiday season safely while following the coronavirus regulations. Just because everything will be closed doesn’t mean one can’t have fun during the holiday seasons at home or even outside.

Here are ten easy and safe ways to get into the Christmas spirit this 2020 season.


1. Virtual Christmas party

Going virtual is a popular choice this year to connect with family and friends. One can host a virtual movie night by streaming movies over Zoom. A Netflix party is the most popular option.

2. Christmas crafting

Anyone can create Christmas decorations at home, it’s fun and creative.

3. Game night

Host a virtual game night with friends and family or those that live in the same household. There are many Christmas games anyone can choose from like Christmas trivia, Christmas music bingo and Christmas charades.

4. Baking and cooking

The holiday season is all about home-cooked meals and warm desserts. One can cook a meal with friends and family that live in the same household, hold a contest virtually or do it alone which can also be fun and peaceful. Christmas cookies with hot chocolate will definitely get anyone feeling the Christmas spirit.

Santa Claus and his Christmas cookies and drink
Santa Claus and his Christmas cookies and drink. Photo credit: Pixabay & Jill Wellington

5. Decorate

What’s Christmas without decorations? A Christmas tree and Christmas lights are popular go-to’s. Decorate rooms or the whole house to get in the mood.

6. Binge watch Christmas movies

Watching classic Christmas movies gives that fuzzy warm Christmas vibe. There are multiple holiday movies one can watch on any streaming service.

7. Drop off Christmas gifts

Even though everyone is supposed to quarantine to avoid the virus, it’s okay to send gifts through the mail; but for drop-offs, make sure to wear a mask and follow the social distancing rules.

8. Attend local drive-in events

Local drive-in events are taking place as of right now to watch the beautiful Christmas lights. Drive-in movies are popular as well. Here’s a link to the Night of Lights in Orange County

9. Send Christmas cards to friends and family

Drop off Christmas cards, mail them or send them virtually which is the safest way.

10. Listen to Music

Listen to holiday Christmas music to get you in the spirit of Christmas. Pandora, YouTube and Spotify have a wide range of holiday music; create a playlist of your choice or listen to the ones the sites have to offer.

Holiday gifts with Christmas decor.
Holiday gifts with Christmas decor. Photo credit: Pixabay & Nietjuh

Christmas can still be fun and beautiful with these easy to follow alternatives. COVID-19 might’ve held back a lot of fun things that usually happen during this time, but that doesn’t mean one can’t have fun in their own way. Be creative and enjoy the company you’re surrounded by.

If these ten ideas that are listed don’t seem cool, anyone can be creative and make up a different way to celebrate the holiday season. Be unique, but most importantly, be safe and follow the COVID-19 guidelines.

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