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Second virtual club rush welcomes students for Spring 2021

Thursday, Feb. 4, Student Service Specialists Stephanie Rodriguez and Alicia Contreras hosted the second virtual Club Rush via Zoom at 10 a.m. to showcase the variety of clubs Fullerton College has to offer this semester.

A Fullerton College student gets ready for the second virtual Club Rush. Photo credit: Reann Wenceslao

The meeting consisted of 50 people, varying from interested students to enthusiastic club leaders. Clubs were moved into breakout rooms, and each person was able to go into different rooms, depending on which club they were interested in.

Fifteen clubs signed up for the event but only 14 were able to make it. The clubs in attendance included Political Science Book Club, French Club, Sociology Club, Latina Leadership Network, and Students for Equitable Sustainability.

Two new clubs called Creativity and Wellness Club and Intervarsity Club were eager to introduce their platforms to add new members this semester.

Creativity and Wellness Club focuses on having an open space for students to release stress, negative thoughts and share coping mechanisms.

“We were unsure of the approval for our club as we were getting it rolling, but we do have about 20 to 25 members that signed up during the fall semester,” said Kenndy Applebaum, Social Media Representative of Creativity and Wellness Club.

Flyer for mindfulness workshops offered to FC students.
Flyer for mindfulness workshops offered to FC students. Photo credit: Fullerton College

Mindfulness Club is offering free workshops to help students get back on track starting Feb. 11, from 3-4:30 p.m. More information can be found at

The new clubs were not the only organizations that were open to adding members. Existing clubs were given a warm welcome and encouraged new students to also join.

Fullerton Christian Students described their club as a community of believers who want to cater to those who have forgotten their faith in God throughout college.

“We want other students to know about the community that we have here,” said Angel Torres, a member of Fullerton Christian Students.

Almost a year into the transition to remote learning due to the pandemic, most clubs have adapted to weekly online meetings and virtual activities.

People interacting online in break out room.
Virtual meetings have become the way in which clubs have had to hold their weekly meetings. Photo credit: Google Images

Alpha Gamma Sigma was one of the influential organizations that struggled with adjusting. They concentrate on civic responsibilities, volunteer work and community services.

“So even though it’s much harder given COVID-19 and how many of us have to quarantine, we were able to find a ton of online opportunities for our members to be able to get involved and help out,” said Hannah Worthington, President of Alpha Gamma Sigma.

Members could accommodate by working with non-profit organizations such as Miracles for Kids, The Trevor Project, and Pathways of Hope.

While most clubs and organizations were present, not everyone could attend the virtual event due to the overlapping class times. Links and contacts were provided to students if they were interested in a particular organization.

“Clubs were given an option that if this interfered with their school time, they could send in a video that we would show, so some of them did stop by and showed their video and left, and that was just to cater to students that might have class at this time,” Contreras explained.

The virtual event ended at noon and left students thrilled about what each club has in store for this spring.

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