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Top 5 funniest super bowl LV commercials

Every year the NFL concludes the football season and crowns a Super Bowl champion and along with the game comes the entertaining commercials. Millions of people tune in to watch in hopes of seeing a celebrity appearance that’s out of the box or a commercial that may move them to tears.

Companies utilize different methods to get their commercials seen and remembered, and while some big-name brands such as Budweiser, Hyundai and Pepsi didn’t take part in airing this year, there are still a few worth talking about.

Here is the list of the top five funniest Super Bowl commercials from this year.

5. Doritos 3D: Flat Matthew Super Bowl LV

This list starts off with the Doritos commercial with Matthew McConaughey promoting the new 3D Doritos chips.

In the commercial, McConaughey is two-dimensional and follows his everyday life with him running into problems that people only two-dimensional would have.

From getting blown away by the wind while walking his dog to getting his leg stuck in a vacuum, Doritos hilariously shows McConaughey’s setbacks while making sure people remember the advertised product.

The effect of the commercial comes from seeing McConaughey, a man many see as bigger than life, unable to complete daily, simple tasks. It allows McConaughey to become more human while appearing in a well-done 2D and inhuman way.

Guest appearances from Jimmy Kimmel and Mindy Kaling make this commercial one that will be remembered as one of the funniest this year.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being knee-slappingly funny, this gets a 7.5/10.

4. State Farm: Drake From State Farm

It’s very known that Drake got his start as a child actor in the Canadian TV show, “Degrassi,” and his acting experience was on full display in this commercial.

State Farm produced many commercials for football games all season long with Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes on their roster and they finished it off with Drake being a stand-in for their usual guy, Jake from State Farm.

In the commercial, Drake tries to give the usual State Farm jingle, but gets shut down by Jake because “stand in’s don’t have lines.”

Drake’s facial expression and audible apple biting at the end makes it known that he’s not too happy being shut down, and it’s just comical to see someone of his status act in that way.

Drake’s cameo came as a surprise because many fans expected him to release his upcoming album, “Certified Lover Boy” last month but it was pushed back due to him wanting to focus on rehabbing his injured knee.

With a bonus cameo from Paul Rudd, this comes as one of State Farm’s best commercials to date and gets a solid 7.5/10.

Social media reacts to Drake's surprise commercial appearance.
Social media reacts to Drake’s surprise commercial appearance. Photo credit: Twitter

3. T-Mobile: Adam Levine Sets Up Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton

While Gwen Stefani tells Adam Levine she’s ready to date again and describes what type of man she wants to him, her connection starts to break up and Levine gets a completely different message from what Stefani originally described.

Levine mistakenly sets up Stefani and Blake Shelton, leading to an awkward yet amusing encounter on a blind date.

One of the funniest parts of the commercial is the fact that Shelton and Stefani are married in real life but if one is not up to date with celebrity couples, this commercial might go over their heads.

This commercial gets a 7.5/10.

2. M&M’S: “Come Together”

This year’s M&M’S commercial was all about apologizing and asking for forgiveness.

The effectiveness of this commercial came from the relatability and yet wacky situations in which people apologize.

The commercial utilizes people being surprisingly honest and not disclosing anything in everyday situations that people either experience or see online. The premise of the commercial is to forgive one another and let the power of M&M’S bring everyone together, but the situations and the way people ask for forgiveness is where the comedy lies.

From a man giving a priest M&M’S and apologizing for having to hear his confession, to a woman getting M&M’S for having the name Karen, this commercial drew laughs from start to finish.

Some commercials had social media in a frenzy, like this recount of the M&M'S commercial.
Some commercials had social media in a frenzy, like this recount of the M&M’S commercial. Photo credit: Twitter

Out of a year where many commercials didn’t quite stand out, this one is definitely an outlier.

This one gets a rousing 9/10.

1. Amazon: Alexa’s Body

The funniest Super Bowl commercial from this year is Alexa’s Body starring the heartthrob and infatuation machine Michael B. Jordan.

Many women dream about being around Michael B. Jordan, and that’s perfectly exemplified with the woman who drools over him while asking him to do simple tasks since he has taken over as Alexa.

The woman asks Alexa who is in Jordan’s body to answer questions such as, “How many teaspoons are in a cup,” and Jordan answers but in a very captivating way that would make most women feel butterflies.

The comedy is added when the boyfriend comes home with food and asks his girlfriend why she’s even cooking, and who she’s talking to.

Screenshots of Amazon's Alexa's Body commercial.
Screenshots of Amazon’s Alexa’s Body commercial. Photo credit: Good Housekeeping

Throughout the commercial, Alexa is tasked with things such as dimming the lights, which Alexa who is in Jordan’s body cannot do without taking his shirt off in front of all the women in the room, and turning on the sprinklers to which the boyfriend tells his girlfriend that, “Things are getting way too wet around here.”

The ending of the commercial puts the frosting on the cake as Jordan seductively reads the woman’s audiobook to her in a bathtub while her boyfriend is knocking on the door, attempting to stop her from falling deeper under Jordan’s trance.

The concept and execution of the commercial is spot on, earning it a 9.5/10.

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