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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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A summary of Dr. Cheryll Marshall’s tenure as NOCCCD Chancellor

Dr. Cheryll Marshall’s five year tenure as NOCCCD Chancellor has resulted in progressive changes in response to exterior events (such as COVID-19) as well as to attend to each college’s needs.

NOCCCD Chancellor Marshall at the State Capitol for a legislative advocacy visit.
NOCCCD Chancellor Marshall at the State Capitol for a legislative advocacy visit. Photo credit: Chelsea Salisbury

Prior to her role as chancellor, she had been serving community colleges for 21 years. Her roles included working with economic development grants before moving into educational leadership and serving as the president of Crafton Hills Community College in Yucaipa, CA, a suburb of San Bernardino.

Listed below are summaries of some notable moments from her term:

NOCCCD Brain Trust Report

In 2018, the NOCCCD brought in the Collaborative Brain Trust, a consulting group that works with community college districts to evaluate their organizational structure.

Their study found that the district was financially secure with a decentralized structure. They noted issues with an imbalance between declining enrollment and increased staff and made suggestions to improve communication and coordination within leadership.

The recommended changes should take a few years to be fully implemented. According to a board meeting conducted on January 28, 2020, NOCCCD saw a rise in enrollment with the help of the CBT’s guidance.


The NOCCCD introduced the California Guided Pathways Model to give students a clear path from their school to the workforce. Introduced to Fullerton College in 2018, the model’s purpose is to improve retention rates and ensure academic and non-academic success.

For Fullerton College’s guide, click here.

North Orange Promise

The North Orange Promise program was rolled out in the fall of 2019 allowing first-time, full-time college students two years of waived tuition.

Educational Master Plan

Last summer, NOCCCD created a wide ranging master plan detailing a plan for all three campuses from the years 2021-2030. The plan addresses everything from students and employees to community relations, resource allocation, and improved facilities.

Leadership Academy

The NOCCCD Leadership Academy teaches district employees skills for professional growth. The academy includes seven classes, a diversity and inclusion field-trip, and various personal development workshops.

Letter of No Confidence

In response to stagnating wages, 350 NOCCCD faculty members signed a letter on February 11, 2020, symbolizing a “vote of no confidence” in district leaders demanding a 9% increase in wages to reflect the growing cost of living in Orange County. The letter came after months of negotiations after faculty contracts expired in 2019.

United Faculty, the union representing NOCCCD, announced a tentative agreement for wages to increase by 5.5% and that their contracts would now include dependent benefits.

COVID-19 Campus Closures

On March 15, 2020, the Chancellor’s report announced a two-day closure due to COVID-19. A month later it was announced that the campus would be closed until the end of the semester.

Teachers and students received training on the switch to online learning. Emergency funds went towards distributing laptops, masks, employee stipends, and giving refunds to students.

Dr. Marshall congratulates a Fullerton College graduate at Commencement.
Dr. Marshall congratulates a Fullerton College graduate at Commencement. Photo credit: Chelsea Salisbury

“There is always unfinished business and I would like to have made more progress on improving processes within the District,” said Chancellor Marshall. “I know I have made the right decision for my health and my family.”

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