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A socially distant study space is coming to Fullerton College soon

Fullerton College will be temporarily converting the campus dining hall into an onsite study space in early March in response to student requests. Space will be available Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“It was a concern that there were students who needed the space and we wanted to help students.” shared the Director of Academic Support Programs, Kristine Nikkhoo.

Student studying at home desk.
Student studying at home desk. Photo credit: Rachel Lopez

Fullerton College is taking every measure to ensure the safety of students while providing as many resources as possible during the pandemic.

Only 15 students will be allowed in the dining hall at a time, limiting one student per table in order to follow the CDC’s guidelines for social distancing. No study groups will be allowed.

Each table will be spaced 6 feet apart and have a power outlet for students to charge their laptops and tablets. After each study session, tables and chairs will be sanitized before the next reservation is seated.

Choosing the location of the dining hall was a matter of safety as well. In comparison to the library, the dining hall offers more space for social distancing and efficient ventilation.

The 200 building, where the dining hall and onsite study space will be located.
The 200 building, where the dining hall and onsite study space will be located. Photo credit: Rachel Lopez

“We realize that students need the space, but it’s very important that this is done as safely as possible” explained Nikkhoo.

Once the onsite study space is available, students may reserve a 2-hour time slot space on the website ahead of time. After students make a reservation online, an email will be sent with proof of their reservation that will be required for entry. Student verification will be done by only accepting Fullerton College email confirmations for reservations, so student ID cards will not be required.

Students lined up at Stinger's Cafe to check in to campus.
Students lined up at Stinger's Cafe to check in on campus. Photo credit: Rachel Lopez

The onsite study space will be providing facemasks, although a facemask is required before coming onto campus. Once on campus, students must follow the detailed instructions on checking in on campus that can be found on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information website.

Face masks must be worn at all times while inside the dining hall, so no eating or drinking will be allowed inside though students may step outside for a drink or to eat a snack.

A supervisor will be in the dining hall from the Academic Support Center or the Library to ensure that safety requirements are being met at all times.

The duration of this new on-campus study resource will be dependent on a variety of factors; whether students will utilize the resource, how well safety guidelines and regulations are followed and state and local COVID-19 guidance.

At home study space.
At home study space. Photo credit: Rachel Lopez

The website to reserve a study space on campus is a few weeks away from launch and will be available on the Fullerton College Academic Support Center website soon.

For more information on when the study space will be available, follow the Academic Support Center Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, as details will be posted soon.

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