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More concealed guns a danger to O.C.

Orange County recently loosened the requirements for carrying concealed weapons in public, but what does this mean for Fullerton College?

Fullerton is already known for its high crime rates, right behind Anaheim.

According to, Fullerton has a crime rate of 235 crimes while Anaheim has a rate of 259. The average U.S. crime rate is 301.

So would this increase the number of crimes? Maybe. This would definitely scare people enough to get a gun themselves.

March 16 there was a stabbing in Fullerton, so who’s to say that if they lose the concealed weapons requirements that these types of crimes will be worse? The fact of the matter is that safety is hard to achieve and no one ever feels safe. One could argue that carrying a weapon would make people feel safe, but then it could make it even more dangerous.

Lt. Jeff Hallock told the LA Times that he has received a “huge influx” of requests for permits to carry concealed guns since the ruling on February 19. The court majority said law-abiding residents have a right to bear a gun in public.

The right to bear guns is one that should be followed but under certain regulations.

Interviews are held to see if a person should be allowed to have a gun. There are many people who want a gun, should we just give it to them?

These new requirements can also save people. This can help people to be able to stop an attack if something were to happen or someone were to try to hurt them they can use their gun to protect themselves. This was the main reason that the court was trying to loosen the requirement.

This has not yet gone through but if it passes then there may be many people that are allowed to get a gun whether for protection or just to have it.

This may protect the students of Fullerton College allowing students who are law abiding citizens to get a gun and protect themselves.

John Lott, author of the book ‘More Guns, Less Crime’ said in an interview with the University of Chicago, “Concealed handgun laws reduce violent crime for two reasons. First, they reduce the number of attempted crimes because criminals are uncertain which potential victims can defend themselves. Second, victims who have guns are in a much better position to defend themselves.”

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