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Associated Students candidates debate virtually

The Associated Students hosted the executive debate Monday through Zoom, where candidates answered select questions to give key insight into their intentions and qualifications.

The debate format consisted of candidates answering two pre-disclosed questions for a designated amount of time monitored by Logan Ueno the current A.S. Vice President of Records.

The questions being debated were as follows:

“If elected, what would your primary goals be for the 2020-2021 school year?” and “What knowledge or experience do you feel make you qualified for [nominated position]?”

Urooj Naveed, current A.S. Student Senator and member of the Elections Committee, hosted the debate, asking each candidate questions and allowing them two minutes to answer. The debate started with uncontested candidates, followed by contested candidates.

The candidates running for uncontested executive positions, Vice President of Records and Vice President of Public Relations, went before the contested candidate’s debates.

The candidates running against another student were given 1:30 seconds per question in the order shown in the Spring Elections flyer. Each had the opportunity to answer before moving on to the second question.

The positions in the contested debates were in the following order: Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Activities, and Vice President of Senate.

The candidates running for A.S. President were allotted two minutes for each question, followed by the Student Trustee position’s candidates having a similar format.

Contenders spoke about several key topics that were mentioned repeatedly throughout many of the candidate’s speeches. The goal of increasing student participation as much as possible was one of the main topics talked about.

Other topics included mental health, social media engagement, opportunities to socialize, LGBTQ programs, and planning a safe return to campus.

For more information about the candidates. A list has been provided regarding the applicants running for executive and senator positions can be found on the flyer for spring elections.

With spring elections just days away, now is the time to gather as much information as possible about each candidate and the positions to be fully prepared to vote towards the end of the week.

Voting will take place starting with polls opening Wednesday, April 21. Polls will close at 11:59 p.m. Friday, April 23. Information about voting can be accessed on the A.S. spring elections page.

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