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Doing what the job requires

It could be the first instinct any person has to question a border patrol agent of Hispanic descent how he or she feels about the job.

The truth of the matter is that it doesn’t matter how an agent feels. It is part of the job and if you want to keep your job, then you have to do what the job entails.

An agent at the San Diego sector for Border Patrol explained it in such a way that makes you realize how moronic that question really is.

The African-American agent said that you wouldn’t ask an African-American police officer how he felt about arresting a black man or how a Caucasian officer feels arresting a white man.

Why is it any different for Hispanic border patrol officers?

What is it about society that makes everyone think because you are a certain ethnicity that you are automatically connected to every other person of that same ethnicity?

You have to set your emotions aside and not let them affect how you get your job done.

With that said, not all immigrants attempting to enter the country illegally are necessarily from Mexico.

According to agents at the San Diego sector, a lot of aliens are coming from Central America, Russia, Romania and Asia.

These agents aren’t only having to deal with the influx of people coming in and out of the country, they are faced with having to deal with drugs, weapons, ammunition and money. These are items that go in and out, crossing borders on a daily basis.

One of the first concepts to think about when it comes to immigration is about the lives of immigrants and how difficult it could be when they do try to enter.

However, Border Patrol is faced with violence and harsh conditions just as much as immigrants are.

Depending on where they are stationed, officers deal with grim conditions with the weather and they also have to be able to work around the land whether they are near beaches, deserts or steep mountainsides and hillsides.

Border Patrol officers have to be able to maintain themselves just like a police officer would. They are no different because they work along the border.

An agent has to do whatever is required of them to do his or her job, no questions asked.

We typically want companies and institutions to be color-blind, we should give the employees the same consideration.

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