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Buzzing back to your happiness

Turning adversity into an advantage is of high significance; a pivotal point in a victim’s experience is to learn and grow strong from it. Leaving negative thoughts in the past will allow for achieving wellness in the future, thereby finding happiness.

The World Health Organization defined wellness as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”


To be happy, one needs to be well.

Specifically, wellness comprised of these parts: physical, intellectual, social, environmental, spiritual, occupational, mental.

One often disregarded is emotional health. It is powerful enough to create a domino effect that is bound to affect a person’s mental health.


It is difficult to achieve wellness when facing certain debilitating circumstances and having trouble dealing with the emotions or getting past them.

Everyone has experienced a negative issue that has affected him or her deeply: Emotional, verbal, or physical abuse; financial stressors; health ailments; legal issues; society pressures; betrayal; family problems.

There are countless events in life that may possibly break a person down emotionally and consequently place the title of “victim” on them.

After an experience has occurred, a person is allowed to feel anger and sadness; It is important to allow oneself to feel emotion because it is a component of normal human health.

The problem with misfortune is that many allow it to control their outlook on life, change their health and affect their future happiness.


Self-reflection is a way to heal.

It is imperative for a person to be honest with himself/herself and see the situation as it was.

After recognizing what happened, they need to ask themselves these questions:

1. Why did that occur?

2. Did I have much control over it?

3. What did I learn from this?

4. How did this make me a better person?

Sometimes, we were at fault. Other times we were not.

Regardless, life happens continuously and we must move on to better things.

There is a vast amount of adventures to be had, and a world full of people to be explored.

Allowing oneself to be hostage of negative experiences can hold one back from his or her true potential.


The power of the mind is the secret weapon of control.

Difficulties in life will affect each person in various ways, the weak will be more affected, and strong will have stayed and fought.

And yet – it is not this theory that explain what seems to be the precise reason for later issues and unhappiness, because problems usually pass; It is the reaction, how people deal can make all the difference.

Mental issues may occur due to the strong negative effect that a painful experience can have on a person.

Genes or biochemical physical processes cannot be controlled, and unfortunately at times even the environment factor is out of his or her power – yet there is an important factor that they can control.

Reacting well to situations can make all the difference, by steps to influence not only optimistic but realistic thinking and thus, changing daily train of thought and demeanor. This is the track to becoming a more pleasant and content person overall, after having adopted a positive outlook.


Having a painful past can make a person stronger than he or she ever was, and taking this into account, it is possible to overcome ANY obstacles in life.

Constantly striving for a quality life through positive thinking will influence supporting behavior that can lead to growth.

Furthermore, taking charge of the situation and not allowing oneself to be negatively affected by the difficulties experienced in the past can be a life-changing practice.

Resilience is a characteristic in successful people. Some do not all have a perfect life with amazing opportunities – they had difficulties just like any other person, possibly even worse.

The difference is, those now-successful people did not allow the past to regulate their future negatively. They took on the challenge and fought back!

Hardiness can help one deal with any situation thrown at them. The tougher the times, the tougher you become!

When you feel like life is a battle: Feel. Learn. Grow.


The Health Buzz is a biweekly column on advice for student health by Donna Lazarescu. She has her B.S. in Health Science from CSUF and is the Health Director for the local nonprofit organization Mommy & Me Cancer Foundation.

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