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Les Amis Restaurant and Lounge: the perfect night out

Tucked away, along a strip of restaurants in downtown Fullerton sits Les Amis Restaurant & Lounge.

Les Amis Restaurant & Lounge at 128 W Wilshire Avenue, in Downtown Fullerton.
Les Amis Restaurant & Lounge at 128 W Wilshire Ave., in Downtown Fullerton. Photo credit: Nick Spinarski

Serving an array of patrons from college students to working professionals. Les Amis features a lively bar and this spot could be perfect for an intimate rendezvous or making new acquaintances.

There are 15 beers on tap to pick and choose from as patrons spend the night rooting for their favorite sports teams. Les Amis’ unique vibe is the perfect mix of atmospheres combining fine dining and a casual night out with friends.

A crowded sports bar at Les Amis for the guests looking for a good drink and friendly company.
The crowded sports bar at Les Amis, in Fullerton, is perfect for guests looking for a good drink and friendly company. Photo credit: Nick Spinarski

Since the streets of Downtown Fullerton are now lined with tables and twinkling lights, Les Amis could be easy to miss. Look out for their big green sign, across the street from Half Off Book, so you don’t pass it by.

Entering the restaurant, at one table sat a raucous party of eight. They were busy emptying their eighth bottle and the groups’ energy seemed to fill the restaurant.

At the next table was a couple clearly, in love. The two sat in the corner, possibly enjoying a night away from the children, drinking their preferred nightcaps — Macallan 12 on the rocks and a gin and tonic.

Nick Kraus, a Fullerton College student, and server at Les Amis, speaks highly of the customers, “We have a very strong fan base, a lot of regulars. Even through COVID, we’ve managed to stay very steady.”

A Falafel Burger hides as a secret menu option at Les Amis.
A Falafel Burger hides as a secret menu option at Les Amis Restaurant and Lounge in Fullerton. Photo credit: Nick Spinarski

The menu is large and plentiful and certain aspects of Les Amis could be contributing to their dedicated fan base. In particular, there is a secret menu, featuring Nachos, a Falafel Burger, and a Shawarma Bowl, accompanied by live music events, weekly on Saturday nights.

Krause, very enthusiastically, speaks of the regular in-house band featured at the restaurant, “We have live entertainment on Saturdays from 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. Our regular band is The Ron Kobayashi Trio, and they perform every first and third Saturday of the month.”

In an email, Ron Kobayashi said about Les Amis, “What I love about Les Amis is the mixture of great food and live music. There aren’t many restaurants that have a consistent live music policy. Another thing I love about the restaurant is the ambiance. We play outdoors, and it is so beautiful the way they have it set up. The owners are wonderful people, and I’m so honored to be able to play music there.”


Nightlife and foodies have always gone hand in hand and some of the most memorable meals can be the ones eaten at night in rooms full of strangers.

Les Amis has it all. The fine and casual dining is on point. The outdoor seating and aesthetic lighting are homey, and the indoor seating is inviting. Between the friendly regulars and enjoyable staff, restaurant-goers should be prepared to have a great night out with old friends or new ones.

Whether you stopped in for a quick bite, live entertainment, or to cheer a team on during a big sporting event, when visiting Les Amis you just might have the perfect night out.

Les Amis Restaurant and Lounge is located on Wilshire, between Malden Ave. and Harbor Blvd. Open 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. Sunday – Monday and 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday.

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