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5 College success tips

By Donna Lazarescu
5 guaranteed college success tips


Study what you like

Interest is the only way a student will enjoy what he or she is learning, and thus it will not feel like a chore. One should not memorize facts to regurgitate them on the test, only to forget about them later. Through tough times when a student is exhausted, stressed, or burnt out is when this comes into play the least. Statements such as, “I don’t know why I’m studying this?” or “I can’t wait for the week to be over!”, reflect an inner conflict for the subject. No day should go by without welcomed mental stimulation. True and valuable learning takes place when there is interest.


Communicate with your professors

I like to think of professors as temporary or potential future mentors. A person that teaches a subject he or she is passionate about is open to talking about their subject of interest and will be of great help to students if they share the same interest. Similar to the concept of spending time with a friend chatting about similar interests, sharing stories and thoughts is how one should communicate with a professor during office hours. Also, the professor is the decision maker when it comes to grades. Effort plays a part in ones grade, usually in participation. Office hours and out of class attendance is exemplary of taking an interest in one’s grade and the subject. If there seems to be no interest in not only the subject, but questions of the progress that a student is making in class, then the professor does not have a duty to care more than a student does in his or her learning. Usually, there will be a matching of effort that can help a student succeed.


Step outside of your comfort zone

Taking a class that does not pertain to the major, joining a club that one would never expect to, or trying new sports can facilitate the growth of a person. Taking advantage of wonderful resources, events and perks will create memories and amazing experiences through which different types of learning takes place. In college, learning is not only done at a desk, constant learning outside of studying should be taking place. The importance of growth of exploration cannot be stressed during the college years. This will help the person develop and find themselves to have an easier transition out of college and into “the real world.”


Stay organized

Organization will be a great tool not only in college but later in life. College is the best time and place to start, as people will forever practice this. Organization entails categorizing: things, thoughts, goals, and ideas. Keeping clean, from a clean room or working area can help keep one more efficient but it is a way to keep the mind clear as well. Organization does not only apply with tangible objects. Time is an ever-changing concept that can be organized. It is imperative that a student stays organized and on track with his or her time. One can begin with prioritizing things that are of importance that need to be paid special attention to for specific amounts of times, from near future to far future. Tasks, goals, and thoughts can be organized.


Don’t forget your family

Sometimes life gets busy and it becomes difficult to juggle multiple things in college, family being one of them. Whether it is visits or phone calls, they should be made. Spending quality time with the people that care most about the student is significant not only for support through the college years, but continued development of those relationships. Regardless of the exciting or stressful events in life, time should be kept aside for the most important people in one’s life. The time in college will soon be gone but the family will be there forever and should not be neglected. Prioritizing the right things (people come first) can sometimes be difficult, but will pay off.

The Health Buzz is a biweekly column on advice for student health by Donna Lazarescu. She has her B.S. in Health Science from CSUF and is the Health Director for the local nonprofit organization Mommy & Me Cancer Foundation.


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    Tanya DorseyApr 6, 2024 at 10:48 pm

    This article was so helpful and so thoughtful!! This made my day. I really love how the topic’s was explained very well and parallel to real life events. Keep up the good work in having articles like this to turn down one’s expected end. I just returned back to college at 50yrs old and it’s not easy after being out of school for so long. Thank you again for thinking to teach us Donna by giving us the 5 College success tips!!!