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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Campus center assisting students with job search

Fullerton College Workforce Center helps prepare students for summer jobs. The Workforce Center works closely with local employers in order to have open job listings available on the website.

“I go to the chamber of commerce mixers so I can constanly get
us out there,” said Chrystal Van Beynen, coordinator. “We’ve been doing that for 75 years.”

Van Beynen has a great passion in helping students succeed in looking for a job. She reminds students that these job are not careers but are entry level jobs that are meant to help pay for basic student costs such as gas, books and food. The students’ focus should be in attending class and preparing for a higher education to get a higher paying career.

Though applying for jobs through the Workforce Center won’t guarantee students the job or even a foot in the door, it does allow them to sit down with someone who can review their resumé and give constructive criticism. It also gives students a chance to practice being interviewed, which are recorded and then followed by discussion on what can be improved.

“This student service is a big benefit to students here at Fullerton College,” Van Beynen said. “The student involvement with us is huge. We are always busy here, [especially because] we get many students from Cypress College.”

The Workforce Center at Cypress College was removed because of the lack of interest from students. Consequently, it is now a service that is desired by the students, therefore the Associated Students went to Van Beynen for advice on how to bring it back.

“This is a student service and student
services can be slowly but surely edged out,” Van Beynen said.

Many students have received guidance from the Workforce Center.

“I have found the Workforce Center to be very helpful in preparing my resumé,” said Emily Maran, business major. “I was never sure where to go for professional advice. I tried going Online and I was overwhelmed by all the websites that came up. They [Workforce Center] are very helpful and I thank the staff for their constant feedback.”

Having a caring staff is essential to students. Many of the students that went to the Workforce Center for help didn’t expect to be welcomed with such eagerness.

“I usually don’t get all my questions answered in some departments here but the one that really caught my eye was the Workforce Center,” said Maribel Aguirre, cosmetology student. “They genuinely wanted to help and see me succeed.”


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