Fire alarm in 700 building

Rebeka Nop

A blaring fire alarm was heard coming from the 700 building today at 10:45 a.m.

Students were evacuated from the building while Campus Safety searched for the cause.

photo 2.jpg
Waiting around for the fire alarm to stop ringing. Photo credit: Rebeka Nop

Ramon Reyes, 19, undecided major, was one of the students inside the building when the alarm went off.

“I didn’t think it was that serious,” Reyes said, referring to the evacuation.

photo 1.jpg
Class was interrupted for students and faculty. Photo credit: Rebeka Nop

Students stood in front of the 500 building, across from the 700 building, waiting for clearance to return to class.

photo 3.jpg
Safe to return to class. Photo credit: Rebeka Nop

Faculty and students were able to return to the building after five to 10 minutes.