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FC Students Learning How To Use Social Media In Today’s Job Market

Originally written for publishing on April 5, 2013.

The workforce center teamed up with, a digital and social media marketing agency, to teach students step-by-step how to create a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a professional online profile that provides corporations and important companies’ information on any and all work and school history and provides them with the opportunity to potentially offer employment.

CEO and co-founder of Talent Evolution Jarred Smith and his partner, Chief of Solutions John Walker created this workshop to inform students about the opportunities a LinkedIn profile can provide and how to properly create your profile so it is presentable and attract future employers. They suggest your LinkedIn profile should be presented as a canvas show casing all your work, from degrees to any volunteering done.

Aside from general information your profile should include all degrees earned and from where, past and present employers in chronological order and it is very important to provide references and recommendations, those give any potential employer an opportunity to get more detailed background on you from someone else’s view.

John and Jarred also pointed out that it if you have experience in a certain field but do not have a degree to support it, it is still encouraged to provide it because if they like the rest of the profile they might see pass that. Other very important information to provide is volunteer work, projects that you might have worked on and any endorsements.

Finally two very important parts of the LinkedIn profile are a strong detailed resume and a detailed bio. Giving a detail bio shows a bit of your personality and shows you are making an effort. Being engaged on LinkedIn is also important. Joining groups shows that you like to get involved and are a team player. So if you are ready to get serious on finding the perfect job go online and start creating the perfect LinkedIn profile, success is just a click away.

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