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Some funny business in Fullerton

Dimithri Perera described his ideal perfect week in his career with the nobleness and affection that a superhero would possess when describing why he saves the world.

“40 hours a week filming and performing and on my off time, I would teach and take classes,” Perera said. “Performing is my life.”

That’s just a testament to Perera’s work ethic. The man is a workhorse with a goal so clear-cut that it’s prevalent in his demeanor.

Perera is a true representation of a person that has taken advantage of the opportunities that Fullerton College has to offer. Being a student of the writing, filming and performing arts programs, Perera has been able to complement his freakishly rabid determination for success and a rawness of comedic reality with valuable industry skills.

Currently enrolled in Victor Phan’s intermediate screenwriting class, Perera is honing in on his writing skills as he completes his work on a feature length film. He explained his writing process with the prestige of a tenured professor.

“I come up with a premise and then I write a short bio on each character, how they fit together. Then I write a very loose skeleton outline,” Perera said. “Once I get a whole 20 pages of notes, I’ll make it into the script. I don’t have to worry about the plot, just the comedy.”

Perera attributes his writing skills to his elementary school years. The programs were very heavy on writing and young students were required to submit a writing portfolio at the end of the year. While attending Golden Hill Elementary School in Fullerton, Perera was enrolled in the Gifted and Talented Education program.

“I started off with short stories there,” Perera said. “Then I moved on to practicing screenplays.”

Perera’s schedule is seemingly congested, yet he still dedicates time to teach young students of the craft of performing on stage.

Perera teaches three improv classes to children and one adult improv class at Stagelight Performing Arts in Brea. In his classes he emphasizes that improv is not a one-man show, that teamwork is the most important rule in comedy improvisation teams.

In between preparing young minds for the stage and his successful improv group, Perera still manages to work a full-time job at Neiman Marcus.

Inspired by shows like “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” and performers like Wayne Brady, Perera tapped into his comedic-entrepreneurial sense and founded his pride-and-joy, the Laugh Chance comedy improv team.

Laugh Chance is currently a fixture at STAGES Theatre in Fullerton, a non-profit community theatre that provides local artist a forum for performing.

Laugh Chance has been the longest running and most successful improv group at STAGES and continues to expand their fan base with every show. The comedy team has also performed at Second City in Hollywood, Chapman University and at a local charity event for homelessness awareness. When asked what separates Laugh Chance from other improv groups, Perera simplified it.

“It’s not enough that we are, or are working towards being the best team out there. We can do quality, quality shows,” Perera said. “But you also have to have flash. You have to look good and be good.”

Maybe it was the DC’s Flash shirt that he was wearing but Perera’s creative goal is to “marry flash and substance in a way that appeals to all viewers.”

With Laugh Chance, he seems to be doing just that. The comedy improv troupe can be seen performing at STAGES community theatre in Fullerton, every first and third Friday at 10:30 p.m.

The ultimate goal for Perera and Laugh Chance is as transparent as his confidence.

“The goal is to get paid for what I would anyways do, so I can get rid of the jobs that I don’t need,” Perera said. “Then the sky’s the limit, I can take a tap dancing class.”

For more information on Laugh Chance, visit their website: or check out their Facebook:

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