Sorcerer performs with fire during Le Magnifique Carnaval du Grotesque Show at Knotts Scary Farm on Oct. 4, 2023.
Sorcerer performs with fire during Le Magnifique Carnaval du Grotesque Show at Knott’s Scary Farm on Oct. 4, 2023.
Jose Vazquez

Review: Knott’s Scary Farm ups the terror for its 50th anniversary

Knott’s Scary Farm continues to be the longest-running spooky theme park in Southern California with seven scream-worthy mazes, five scare zones, and four live shows.

As the night gets colder, Knott’s Scary Farm opens the evening to the public and begins haunting its guests with never-ending nightmares. Scare actors begin to roam the park and screams get louder from guests through the mazes and thrilling roller coasters.

Before attending the park, it is recommended to view the updated chaperone and bag policy since it is highly enforced by the park. With recent violent incidents, all guests 15 years old or younger must be accompanied by a chaperone over the age of 21 in order to be admitted or stay in the park after 4 p.m. Guests are allowed to bring clear plastic bags smaller than 12” x 12” x 6” as well as non-clear bags no larger than 5” x 8” x 2” that must be searched before entering the park. Many guests have forgotten or have had issues with this policy.

“I would say if it’s your first-time coming to something like this, one of these types of events, come to Knott’s first,” said Yolanda Gomez, a frequent guest of Scary Farm.

Knott’s Scary Farm offers three new mazes, which regular attendees have been excited to experience as it pays tribute to the history of the park. This year, many exciting features have been added for guests to enjoy such as unique Halloween food-themed items like Turtle Pizza and Camel Stew located in Ghost Town.

For all the horror movie fans, the new murderous Cinema Slasher maze leaves guests going back for more. Based on the slasher movies of the 80s, the maze walks you through three different movies each with a different movie plot. It first walks you through a sorority murder film that then transitions into a summer camp slasher that pays tribute to the famous movie monster Jason from Friday The 13th.” The maze concludes with a bloody butcher-themed movie with chopped-up limbs and chainsaws. Many guests would say this new attraction was their favorite of the night.

“It’s like the classic horror movie. I love the classic horror movies,” said pass holder Jenny Ringgold. “It is really scary. A lot going on all at one time.”

Jose Vazquez

Honoring Knott’s Scary Farm’s history, The Chilling Chambers pays an unsettling honor to the “10 Chilling Chambers” maze that was part of the Scary Farm’s beginning years. It walks guests through different themed rooms with creepy porcelain dolls coming to life, elephant butts farting in your face, and circus clowns jumping at you.

“It’s the 50th anniversary so there’s lots of nods to some of the older mazes and it just has that community feel like, you know, the haunted houses in the community,” said frequent park visitor, Christian Rodriquez. “That’s what I dig about it. Great actors, lots of performances you could see all around. These guys give it their all, they’re always on their game.”

If you want a break from the morbid monsters and want to enjoy dancing with the dead, go back in time to The Gore-ing ‘20s with flappers and dappers. This scare zone gives fun vibes with a flashback to the Prohibition era, with dead dancers encouraging guests to dance along to the jazz music playing in an interactive show.

In the Gore-ing ‘20s, you can visit the deadly new maze Room 13 going along the theme of lifeless flappers and dappers. Violent bloody murders have been committed at a ’20s theme hotel and it takes you inside where guests have entered but have never come out.

If you arrive early and finish all the mazes, all the rides are still open for guests to enjoy throughout the night. The most popular ride is Ghost Rider and is frequented greatly by most guests.

Knott’s Scary Farm has many new and terrifying attractions to experience this Halloween season. Make sure to experience the never-ending nightmare by Oct. 31 if you’re willing to experience your worst fears come to life.

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