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Fall fashion Q & A

Hornet: What do you think some of the biggest fashion trends are for the fall semester?

Young: We just did a fall presentation, but we work ahead of time. So we do fall 2015 to 2016. We’re seeing a lot of maroon, red color, orange and lot of geometric prints. We also saw a lot of soft pastel colors, especially violet.

Hornet: What kind of classes are you recommending for students that are hoping to break into the industry and basically get a general study about the fashion industry?

Young: I would take Fashion Careers, it talks about all the different careers that we have. Also, Introduction to the Fashion Industry, so you’ll kind of know merchandise and what’s available but more about designers and basically what it’s all about. With those classes you could either be a fashion designer or fashion merchandiser or we have others like dress making, alterations, and image consultant.

Hornet: What advice do you have for students that are wanting to express themselves but maybe feel insecure or are unsure how to put a fashionable outfit together?

Young: I would think that they should take a risk putting something together. Ask an expert if their not sure. They can also look online because there is a lot of trend reports out there. See what colors go together and look good before they start dressing themselves.

Hornet: What are you expecting from the fashion students this semester and what are you hoping to teach them about the fashion industry?

Young: Most of my classes are hands on; they learn the foundation of making a flat pattern and making it 3-D. What they can do is take a pattern and measure themselves and make a pattern from that. We also do a lot of draping. We have the foundation classes and the advanced classes.

Hornet: What advice do you have for students that want to break into the fashion industry maybe with their own clothing line or maybe just to find employment in fashion?

Young: They should take all the classes related to either designer merchandising, take the foundation and advanced classes. They should take the computer pattern making class, illustrator and Photoshop classes and then take our internship class to get a foot in the door. But if you’re well rounded with English and math you would be more apt to get a decent entry level position.

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