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Administration Looking To Add More Summer Courses

Originally written for publishing on March 2, 2013.

With more students attending school, wanting to create a better life for themselves, the desire to finish school and go on to a four year college and get their degree is becoming more daunting than we expect. It is no longer just spend two years here then transfer to a four year, now with the high demand that we all have to go through to even get a class that we want or need is a hassle, but there might be a bright spot in the distance.

Fullerton College is going to be starting a new summer term this year which starts June 10. The term is still working out the kinks so some of the finer details are still being sorted out, but with summer rapidly approaching the race is on to have everything ready for the students who wish to attend.

This new term allows the students to get school done as quickly as we can because let’s face it some of us don’t want to be here for numerous years still working on a transfer or degree.

With more and more admissions coming in each semester, and most students needing the same classes, the thought of having a way to be able to take some of the classes students need is a somewhat comforting fact , many students feel that the idea of going to school in the summer seems like a decision they would regret after a couple of weeks.

There is a lot for the administration to sort for their new summer term but knowing how hard it is in today’s world to get ahead it does sound like a sacrifice for a better future.

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