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All about that originality

Summer music sensation Meghan Trainor surprised everyone by taking over the radio waves with the infectious contemporary doo-wop body image anthem “All About That Bass,” a song very different from its electronic or hip hop based objectifying counterparts.

The song has dominated the airwaves and has even been the subject of controversy; some calling the song prejudice against thin women or anti-feminist by presenting women as a physical object for men to use and abuse.

Nevertheless the song is catchy and empowering for a group of women who rarely, if ever get anthems to themselves.

Trainor, 20-years-old was born and raised in Massachusetts is an accomplished songwriter. She’s been writing songs since she was 11 and at 17 she was signed as a songwriter to prominent independent music publisher in Nashville.

In the spring, Trainor wrote the now popular summer anthem, “All About That Bass” with Grammy nominated producer Kevin Kadish. Several popular female artists vied for the rights to record the song but legendary producer L.A. Reid heard Trainor’s demo and immediately signed her to Epic Records.

Early morning of Sept. 9, Trainor dropped her first EP aptly named, “Title.”

The EP contains four songs all written and produced by Trainor and Kadish.

The writing of each song feels extremely personal to Trainor but the relatable factor is definitely there. Trainor’s lyrics speak to young women who may have experienced body image anxiety or gone through relationship issues. The song is inspiring and empowering to these matters and does not play into the demeaning or depressing side of image issues and relationship troubles.

Trainor and Kadish definitely keep the music in the upbeat pop category but the songs sound very different and can definitely stand on their own as singles in their own time.

Summer’s smash hit, “All About that Bass” opens up the album with the contemporary blues jazz beat. The song is about appreciating yourself and for you to know that there is someone out there who loves you just for who you are despite what you perceive.

The second song on the EP and the albums namesake “Title,” features Trainor’s diverse musical tastes. Still keeping in the positive upbeat pop genre, the featured intstrument on the song is a ukulele. Trainor sings about not letting the labels others give her affect how she views herself.

The second single off the EP, “Dear Future Husband,” is Meghan Trainor’s list of situations her future spouse may find themselves in when they enter a relationship with her. The sound is very doo-wop inspired and impeccably produced. Her word play and vocal skills are the stars of this song.

The last and final song on the EP is titled, “Close Your Eyes.” The song has a slow old-school R&B; feel. One can even imagine Trainor sitting on a wooden stool on a dark stage singing her soul out. Again, the song plays into the positive empowering of “I’m beautiful and you’re beautiful” theme.

There’s some production choices with the track that first seem questionable but brings that contemporary and modern sound that will be the key to the song’s success. Again, Trainor’s vocals are stunning and impressive.

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