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Fullerton gets spooky with Halloween mixer

Fullerton College invited students to get into their costumes, enjoy some free tricks-or-treats and have some fun in the quad.
Eli Young
Alpha Gamma Sigma representative participates in the pie eating contest at the Fullerton College Fall Mixer on Tuesday, Oct. 31.

As the Halloween spirit died down, Fullerton College held one last Halloween event for students to participate in with a costume contest, snacks, games and more on Tuesday, Oct. 31.

Several students gathered in the quad on campus to join the mixer in the spirit of Halloween. Many booths were on display from different departments such as the Physical Education Division, offering students an athletics T-shirt if they won 3-in-a-row in the game cornhole. The Photography Program also had a stand that let students use their self-made photo booth and take home a free photo.

All clubs there had something to offer, such as information about their specific program, free candy and drinks.

AGS Honors Society dressed as Costco workers give out “free samples” to students passing by. Students who can correctly answer a question about the college are able to get a full-sized candy bar. (Eli Young)

The costume contest event was the hit of the day. Many students participated in the contest, with one student dressed as Timmy Turner and others dressed as Alfredo and Remy from Ratatouille. Staff also participated in the contest, with the Communications Center dressed as discontinued Barbies and the Transfer Center dressed as the Cheetah Girls.

With many costumes to choose from, the winner of the contest was the Scary Godmother from the 2003 Halloween movie Scary Godmother. Third-year music major Jamie Wynters won the contest and the prize of a $50 Amazon gift card and some candies.

“Scary Godmother was my favorite movie growing up when I was a kid, and so I wanted to make a 2023 version to show kids that, yes, Halloween is scary, but it’s also fun,” said Wynters.

Solo costume contest winner Jaime Wynters dressed as the Scary Godmother from the 2003 movie Scary Godmother. (Eli Young)

The Promise Program also won the staff costume contest with their Shrek-themed costumes. The prize was a $120 Starbucks gift card to be shared among the staff.

Two other contests were held for students, staff, and others to watch and participate in. A pie eating contest with mini pumpkin pies was the first contest to kick off the afternoon of events. Many contestants from the different programs volunteered to participate, but the winner was a representative from the Veterans Club, securing the prize of a $10 Starbucks gift card. A donut eating contest was held as well, where mini powdered donuts hung on a string and contestants strategically tried to attack the hanging donuts.

Arianna Islas tries to eat a powdered donut during the donut eating contest at the Fullerton College Halloween Mixer. (Eli Young)

The Health Center gave away free drinks at its booth. The mocktail, called Witches Brew, was made up of cranberry juice, tart cherry juice, ginger ale and a gummy worm added in for a fun treat. The mocktail is to remind students that there are alternative drinks that refrain from including alcohol.

Students were also allowed to try impaired vision goggles at the Health Center booth, which simulated the visual impairment from alcohol. The goggle simulation is to show students how alcohol can affect one’s vision and indicate that driving a car could be risky and have lots of repercussions.

“Halloween may be a night where people are choosing to drink or choosing to go out. So just reminding folks that drinking and driving has lots of repercussions; injuring yourself, someone else, and then not to mention the cost of a DUI,” said Kelly Salazar, Health Education Coordinator at the Health Center.

Group costume contest winners, the Promise Program department staff of Fullerton College, dressed as the characters from Shrek during the Halloween Mixer on Tuesday, Oct. 31. (Eli Young)

Pumpkins decorated by staff of the Counseling Center were on display at their booth, and students were able to vote for the best decorated pumpkin. Lightning McQueen and Jack Skellington-themed pumpkins were some of the contestants for the contest. Any general information regarding classes and general education was given to students who had questions.

The Promise Center also helped students complete their Promise check-in by assisting students with making appointments and reminding them about FAFSA applications starting in December.

As spooky season comes to an end, the calendar turns to the beginning of a holiday season filled with colorful lights and flannel pajamas.

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