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Tinder makes hooking up that much easier

Tinder is a great social app if your only goal is to meet up with people for the mere sake of hooking up.

Working or going to school full time can make it really hard to meet and date people, which makes Tinder the perfect app to meet people who are single and ready to mingle around you.

However, some users on Tinder aren’t single at all. Some admit to being in a relationship and are only there to hook up or have a threesome.

Tinder is rumored to have more than 10 million active daily users, according to

With all of the different mobile apps out there, Tinder makes it easy to meet people with the same interests as you who are in your surrounding areas.

Known as the “hook up app,” users admit on their profile page that they are just there to have a good time. Most of the users have little to no information about themselves but will have their Instagram page listed.

Tinder is an app that you can download from the app store for free that uses your Facebook page for authenticity.

It takes your interests and likes and gives you matches with other Tinder users.

Unlike other dating platforms such as Plenty of Fish or, Tinder won’t allow anyone to send you a private message without you “liking” the other person’s profile page and without them “liking” your profile back.

You can anonymously reject a person’s profile and it protects you from getting messages from them. This is something that isn’t offered for Plenty of Fish or Match users.

Once matched, Tinder opens up a chat forum that allows you to connect with the other user and gives you the ability to meet up in person.

Even with the capabilities of having only the users that you are interested in messaging you, it doesn’t make this dating app any different than Plenty of Fish or Most of the people using this app are only in it for hooking up purposes and you’ll still receive creepy messages asking if you want to meet and hook up.

The other thing about this app that is a bit creepy is that it shows you how far away another Tinder user is from your location, which can lead to stalking and unwanted run-ins.

There have also been stipulations of the app having avid users who are purely hooking up with other users without using protection.

Tinder has become a casual sex platform for dating apps and even users who are in relationships are looking for other users to hook up with them and their significant other. The reputation of this mobile app doesn’t give people the creditability to be seen as “relationship material.”

But for those who are too busy with work or school, Tinder can be a fun app to have. You can spend hours “liking” or “rejecting” other users, based on if you think they’re hot or not. So it makes time go by, but if you’re looking for something a little more than just a one night stand, Tinder isn’t the right app for you.

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