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Film review: Tusk

Kevin Smith’s, “Tusk” treated his audience to a comedy and horror marriage this past Friday that didn’t disappoint.

The film was inspired by an episode from a podcast series titled “Smodcast,” hosted by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier calledThe Walrus and The Carpenter.”

“Tusk” was filled with jumpy horror, tearful comedy and was intentionally over the top.

The beginning of the film didn’t have much comedy or horror but as the story developed, the film became absurdly funny and most of the time, played as a big joke; which is what usually consist in a film by Smith.

Wallace Bryton (Justin Long), a podcaster travels to find a story for his show. Soon after he meets Howard Howe (Michael Parks), they develop an interesting bond that later turns into Bryton’s worst nightmare and Howard’s dream come true.

The true horror of the film took place when Howard’s inner, evil scientist shows the audience that skin and obsessions can become more than imagined. It was more of what people were capable of doing that made the idea terrifying.

Bryton becomes a missing person, his girlfriend Ally Leon (Genensis Rodriguez) and a friend whom he shares the podcast with, Teddy Craft (Haley Joel Osment) partner up with Inspector Guy Lapointe (Johnny Depp), to follow Bryton’s steps.

Though the film had its bizarre horror moments, it was well put together.

Smith succeeded in what truly turned out to be an intentionally bad film.

In the end, Tusk was successful in being a comedy and a horror film worth watching.

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