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Behind the scenes of horror nights

The Hornet went behind the scenes of Universal Studios Horror Nights mazes.

This year, John Murdy, creative director of Horror Nights and his team decided to create a 3D clown maze with music created by music icon Slash, best known as the former lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses.

universals 008.JPG
New 3D Clowns maze Theme Photo credit: Alexandra Juarez

“Sweet Licks Frozen Clown Pops Family Amusement Center” follows the story of Sweet Licks and his two deranged children after their once thriving family business turns into a roadside scheme with free ice-cream to lure in customers that will soon become part of their demented games.

universals 025.JPG

Slash and Murdy began working on this collaboration since last year, when Slash visited Universal Studios Horror Nights. He immediately wanted to be a part of Murdy’s team and was inspired by the clowns 3D maze to create the soundtrack.

universals 054.JPG

“Clowns are disliked by many people, some have phobias of them,” Murdy said.

He likes to tap into those fears to create these terrifying mazes.

universals 055.JPG
Demented Clown Prop Photo credit: Alexandra Juarez

“The Walking Dead” is a critically acclaimed award winning hit TV series created by Robert Kirkman.

This series is anticipated by many dedicated fans. The maze recreates scenes inspired by season four.

This realistic maze is well proped with building scenes taken directly from the series and even real jail bars for one part of the maze.

universals 024.JPG
Creative director of Universal Studios Horror Nights , John Murdy Photo credit: Alexandra Juarez

Parts of the mazes were created to depict scenes from season four. This year the maze beings were where it ended last year. Murdy and his team evoke the feeling of being part of the series and brings those characters alive.

universals 003.JPG
The Walking Dead burned props Photo credit: Alexandra Juarez

Universal Studios, Hollywood doesn’t fail when it comes to giving their fans what they came for, realistic scares and eerie vibes.

universals 014.JPG
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