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Q and A with Moon Block Party curator Phil Pirrone;

Moon Block Party is a festival that began in 2011 in the streets of Downtown Pomona by curator Phil Pirrone. What once started as a festival that featured local bands and the help of friends has now grown into to a festival that features national and International acts, with many plans for the future.


Hornet: Where did the idea for the Moon Block Party come from and how did the first festival come about?

Pirrone: An outer space transmission that I somehow became a channel for. The first festival came together with many hands & duct tape. Lots of friends & musicians donated time, effort & gear to make it happen.

Hornet: Why was the city of Pomona chosen for the Moon Block Party?

Pirrone: I was living there at the time. I was also born there many years before that.

Hornet: The Moon Block Party use to be free when it started a couple of years back in Pomona, did you it to stay as an intimate and local fest or did you always hope for it to be where it’s at now or even bigger?

Pirrone: We didn’t have any plans or expectations with the first one. It went well, plans came after. But I think it took a few years before we started thinking this could be a full time project for us

Hornet: Did you ever expect to work with bands from different countries such as Band of Skulls?

Pirrone: No, working with foreign acts, let alone national acts seemed way out of our league when we first started. I learned quickly that all the impossible things we envision are indeed very very possible.

Hornet: What sounds do you look for when booking bands for the festival?

Pirrone: Good ones.

Hornet: What is the most exciting part of creating the festival?

Pirrone: Seeing it created on the day of.

Hornet :What do you hope the audience gets out of the Moon Block Party?

Pirrone: Rejuvenation, excitement, motivation, inspiration, friendships, and new favorite music.

Hornet: If you could take the Moon Block Party through a time machine what year would you land it on?

Pirrone: Year 3333.

Hornet: What other cities would you like to host some of your festivals at? If any.

Pironne: Were currently working on a Mexico City & San Sebastien (ESP) chapter of Moon Block.

Hornet: What can we anticipate for the future of Moon Block Party?

Pirrone: Beyond The Witching Hour on Halloween night & Desert Daze in April 2015 are the most immediate future happenings. Were also developing some new events in other areas of CA, some to be more intimate,small and some to be more adventurous.

Q and A with band members from Dahga Bloom.

Dahga Bloom is a Fullerton based band that will be performing at the Moon Block Party, current band members include; Lucas Drake on vocals and synthesizer, Zack Nelson on bass and violin,Sean Yakubovsky on drums ,Manny Lopez and Mat Mason on bass.

Fullerton based band Dahga Bloom

Hornet: How did the current members of Dahga Bloom meet?

Dahga Bloom: We all met Through a “secret order of the libertines” party.

Hornet: Are all of the members from Fullerton?

Dahga Bloom: All members are from Placentia but Manny is from San Diego. We all currently reside within a block of chapman and harbor in downtown Fullerton.

Hornet: What do you guys miss the most while on tour?

Dahga Bloom: Sleep.

Hornet:What was the most difficult part during the recording process of “No Curtains” ?

Dahga Bloom: Mixing 3 bass guitars.

Hornet: Any pet peeves during a show?

Dahga Bloom: Bad sound. Evil promoters. Evil slimy beasts that take advantage of everyone around them.

Hornet: If you could choose any era to live in which would it be?

Dahga Bloom: Matt and Zach would say the 1920s, Lucas Sean and Manny would say 2050s.

Hornet: If you guys could open for any band who would it be and at which venue?

Dahga Bloom: This would be an hour long argument.The show would be called Meat Fest. And the bill would probably end up something like this starting from the headliner; Black Sabbath, Notorious BIG, Can, Fela Kuti, The Monks, Dahga Bloom and Morrisey and not because we like him.

Hornet: Is there any movie that you could place your music into as a soundtrack?

Dahga Bloom: Old Dahga would go nicely with David lynch. New Dahga would be better in an Yves Saint Laurent model walkathon.

Hornet: Is there any band in particular that you are excited to play with at the Moon Block Party?

Dahga Bloom: Metz

Hornet: What are some future plans for Dagha Bloom?

Dahga Bloom: Record a 5 song thingy and try to get Anton Newcombe and Benjamin Funke to put it out as a 10.

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