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“Gotham” : a refreshing blend of Detective Drama and Comic Book adaptions

“Gotham”, one of the most hyped television shows of the Fall TV season made its debut Monday Sep. 22 to a large and receptive audience.

The show, a prequel to the beloved Batman series, is about the rise of Detective James Gordon on the crime riddled streets of “Gotham”.


Monday’s pilot episode was everything and more. The drama opens up with the murder that starts it all….The Waynes.

“Gotham” is the first television series and second on screen depiction of Bruce Wayne’s parents’ deaths. Rookie Detective James Gordon, played by “The OC” alum Ben McKenzie, and veteran Detective Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) are assigned to the gruesome case.

There’s an immediate connection between Gordon and a 12-year-old Bruce Wayne, played by “Touch” star David Mazouz. Gordon promises he’ll do everything in his power to bring the Wayne’s murderer to justice. Harvey guides Gordon through the city showing him, and us the audience, the ins and outs.

What Gordon soon learns is that things between the crime and the city are more entangled than one could imagine. With near death experiences, twisted characters, and dark pasts, the city of “Gotham” is in need of an honest man like James Gordon…but can Gordon handle it?

McKenzie brings depth and character to Detective James Gordon. His honesty is apparent in his acting and brings forth a complex protagonist. The audience is learning about the crime riddled 1970s town in the same way Gordon is, but those with a background on the renowned DC Comic series can tell you that even within that one hour we can see so much of the man Gordon becomes.

Throughout the pilot we’re introduced to some familiar names on new faces. Ed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith), who’s better known as The Riddler, pops up as a forensics assistant to Gordon and his partner.

A young redheaded girl named Ivy (Clare Foley) makes her appearance as well. She’s seen tending to plants in her parent’s apartment.

A silent character who literally pops up nearly everywhere James Gordon and Bruce Wayne appear reveals herself as Catwoman with absolutely no words. And the most renowned villain introduced in the pilot episode is Oswald Cobblepot, portrayed by Robin Lord Taylor, and is more commonly known as The Penguin.

He’s the two faced mischievous secondhand boy to Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith), an aspiring crime boss and madam of a burlesque shop where the crime solvers and doers mingle. And though we don’t get a name, a fresh faced twisted comedian makes his appearance at Mooney’s burlesque bar….hopefully the writers aren’t “joking” with us.

“Gotham” is promising. The production is excellent and the script plays out well. DC Comic fans and audiences alike should be happy with the dedicated and true adaption to their much beloved vigilante’s hometown.

Watch “Gotham” on FOX Monday’s at 8/9 pm.

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