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Haunt delivers tricks and treats

Knott’s Berry Farm kicked off it’s 42nd annual Scary Farm with as many scares and thrills as ever on Sep. 25.

The gates opened at the command of the well-known Green Witch, monsters eyed their victims from atop turnstiles and tried to grab guests as they passed by.

“This is my park, my show, and will be your worst nightmare all done my way,” The Green Witch said. “Except for one small infestation that pushed out my precious necropolis.”

As the witch snarled her commands a helicopter arrived and hovered over the crowd telling the citizens that the zombie apocalypse was upon them and to rescue any survivors.

The helicopter scene was a promoting Scary Farm’s brand new interactive maze, Special Ops Infected.

In this maze, 10 guests are given a gun and follow two squad leaders through an infected area located in Camp Snoopy with orders to kill the living dead. Unfortunately for the participant, the zombies are only stunned and come back to life so it’s up to the group to band together as a team in order to make it out alive.

In addition to Special Ops Infected, two new mazes were introduced this year; Tooth Fairy and Voodoo.

Tooth Fairy was the most “risqué” of the mazes with gory scenes of mutilated children who fell victim to the sick demented creature who took the Tooth Fairy’s place. Seems as though Knott’s wanted to upthrust the volume of shock value with this maze.

Voodoo was the most aesthetically pleasing maze. It takes the visitor through the dark, murky bayou and through the rooms of witch doctors. Skulls and candles decorate the rooms which gives it a creepy, but wonderful ambience.

Guests patiently wait outside new Haunt maze “Voodoo”. Photo credit: Alexandra Schegetz

Trapped: Lock and Key came back for its third year featuring a whole new script, more rooms and more puzzles so those who pay to play in the separate ticketed event still get the fear they received from previous years. Starting price for an individual ticket starts at $39 for a group of six guests it will cost $60.

Knott’s turned up the volume of shock value in their mazes. Forevermore, a maze based on some works by Edgar Allan Poe, Trick Or Treat, Dominion of the Damned, The Gunslinger’s Grave, Black Magic (featuring Houdini’s ghost), Pinocchio Unstrung and Calico Mine’s The Witches Keep also returned to Haunt this year.

One of Haunt’s returning mazes “Black Magic” which features Houdini’s ghost. Photo credit: Alexandra Schegetz

The Witch’s Keep in the Calico Mine Ride, features the Green Witch whom has found a powerful source in the mines and wants to make sure her visitors don’t make it out alive. With minimal scare and limited props due to its expensive refurbishment, this is the most kid-friendly of the Haunt, but still fun.

Elvira returned for her second year in a row, after a 12 year hiatus, as the highlight of Haunt in her must-see event, “Elvira’s Big Top.” Elvira’s show is transformed into a traveling circus of sorts with a sword swallower, contortionist, and her back up band of demented dancers, the Academy of Villains. Elvira is just as witty and well, busty as ever.

Elvira showing off one of her signature poses in her new show “Elvira’s Big Top”. Photo credit: Alexandra Schegetz

With 11 mazes, 4 scare-zones, and the park filled with terror, Haunt is definitely worth the trip for spooktacular fun. Knott’s Scary Farm runs through Nov. 1.

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