Which So-Cal team will win World Series

Stephanie Lara

The MLB playoffs are upon us this week and with both the Dodgers and Angels finishing in first place, the World Series teams may be connected by the 5 FWY this year.


“Angels, they have the best record in baseball. Plus, Mike Trout is the best player in baseball.”

Jake Cendejas Business Management



“That’s easy, the Angels all day. They have Albert Pujols swinging the bat and Jared Weaver on the mound bringing the heat.”

Caden Williams Undecided



“The Dodgers will win regardless who is in the game, they could even use some of their bench players. Yasiel Puig and Matt Kemp are on their game right now.”

Raye Raye Morton



“It’s tough, both have great teams. It depends on who plays for the Dodgers. If there are injuries that keep guys out I would have to go with the Angels.”

Brittney Gutierrez