Hazing- what are your thoughts and when does it cross the line?

Angela Presentadi

A local high school just suspended 21 football players for an alleged hazing that happened out of state. We asked Fullerton students what their thoughts on hazing was and when does it cross the line.


“When it comes to the point where people are getting severely hurt, either physically or emotionally, that’s when it crosses the line.”

Elijah Sticker: Electrical Engineering



“I think it can cross the line when it starts getting dangerous, puts people in danger, and starts making them feel like they are being attacked personally.”

Deirdre Minogue: Kinesiology



“When the persons starts putting their own moral beliefs, they can be ingraciated with this sense of identity.”

Edward Quihowez: Philosophy



“It crosses the line even more when there is actual violence used against other people just to feel like you belong in a group.”

Russell Hillabrand: Philosophy