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Film review: “Gone Girl”

Based on the bestselling novel by author Gillian Flynn, “Gone Girl” straddles the line between a murder-mystery thriller and sly social commentary with superb performances from leading actors Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.

Nick and Amy Dunne (Affleck and Pike) seem to have the perfect marriage up until the morning of their fifth anniversary, when Nick discovers his famous wife Amy, has disappeared, throwing his life into a national media frenzy. Nick’s insufficiently sad disposition towards his wife’s disappearance has the country murmuring: did this guy really kill his wife?

Although the plot may strike one as a typical episode of Law and Order, this film is so much more than that. Flynn, who also wrote the screenplay, has created truly despicable characters; so despicable that you can’t help but give a nod to their brilliance.

Affleck offers one of the best performances of his career, however, the real star of the show is Pike, excelling at her performance as Amy. If you hadn’t heard of her before, you’ll definitely never forget her after Gone Girl.

The film is choppily paced, told in a nonlinear fashion, with only captions and narration to guide the viewer through each setting. It is split between present and past, each scene providing little further insight into Nick and Amy’s frankly twisted relationship.

Fans of Flynn’s book need not be disappointed, the story stays true to the original plot. Gone Girl is not just another airport murder-mystery. It’s an unsettling, rough, visceral punch to the stomach. It’s raw, unflinchingly cruel, and absolutely unforgiving.

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