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Apple has their eye on the future of watches.

The latest product to be released by Apple since the original iPad in 2010, Apple watches. It’s just another entry into the smart watch world. Even with the release a few months away, there’s a ton of impressive features on the watches.

Apple’s highly anticipated line of smart watches are coming out in early 2015 in three different styles: The Apple Watch, Apple Sport and Apple Edition.

There will be two size options; one for men and one for women.

It is also made of some of the best materials around and potential customers are not expecting any less.

The Apple Watch comes in a stainless steel case, ceramic black and a sapphire crystal screen. The Apple Watch Sport has an aluminum body, composite back, and an Ion-X glass screen. The final and most unique watch, the Apple Edition, has a ceramic back and sapphire crystal but also consist of an 18-karat gold body.

The Apple Watch is like having another iPod that is also a fitness tracker with heart-rate measurements. It can send and receive messages, take calls, do audio recordings and can be linked to other Apple apps.

The bands are even different by having a full range of varieties to fit anyone’s taste including classic link bands, sport bands, leather, Milanese Loop and many others.

People have mixed feelings on the watches and wonder if it’s really worth the high price tag.

Javier Mejia, a business major at Fullerton College and a fan of Apple products, is excited about the release of the watch.

“I think people should buy it if they are looking to take their watches to the next level. So far the features that have been revealed can help you text, take pictures, stay healthy, social networking and so much more,” Mejia said. “I think it’ll be a great addition to people’s everyday life. Apple is such a forward thinking company that I’m pretty sure they have even more awesome features to come.”

With Apple being more innovative, it’s not surprising to see people excited for the watch to come out but some people just don’t care.

Andy Garcia, a psychology major at FC, is among those who lack the same enthusiasm for the Apple watches.

“I wouldn’t really care for it. It’s just something else Apple is coming out with,” Garcia said. “It’s just a side item, another interface to push technology in your face.”

Even instructors are weighing in on the subject.

“I don’t think it’s revolutionary. I think it’s evolutionary,” said Barry McCarthy, FC Business Management instructor. “The difference between them is very clear. It’s an ongoing battle for technology space. I haven’t evaluated it enough to know if it’s worth anyone going out and spending that money.”

With other smart watches already on the market from Samsung and Google, Apple will have to stand out completely with their models.

Apple already has a giant world wide fan base that has stayed loyal to buying their products from day one so this should not be a problem.

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