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Hope for the homeless

Everyone has their own story. Everyone has a place they came from but what sets some apart from others, are the places they are going.

People who are homeless, often don’t expect it to happen and most certainly don’t wish it upon themselves or others for that matter.

Homelessness, however, is a serious issue that is still being fought over and analyzed as to how it occurs and what measures can be taken to address the issue. Some questions that are often imposed are, “how did they become homeless? Did they lose a loved one or perhaps all their finances?”

Many questions remain unanswered but there are certainly various actions and solutions that can be made to make a change.

One may often find someone homeless on the street or perhaps near a business looking for locals to help provide them with some sort of relief. Some do offer money feeling in need of providing assistance, while others simply look away trying to avoid the situation or confrontation. There are many options people don’t often consider as far as giving back to those in need.

When the phrase “people in need” is spoken, there are so many different definitions as to its meaning. Every person is unique and is in need of something specific to their lifestyle. Some people are perhaps in need of a next meal more so than loose change.

Of course situations vary depending on the person, but if that situation is approached safely in a kind gentle manner, then there isn’t much harm in simply asking what that person is in need of.

There are various ways for people to give back and donate not just money, but their time and efforts as well.

Many non-profit organizations such as churches and food kitchens are always accepting assistance from volunteers. Attending these events is also a good way to get a more personal experience interacting with those that are getting assisted. Sometimes, all it takes to make someone’s day is having the chance to tell their story, knowing someone cares about them and their well-being.

Sometimes it’s easy to make quick judgments and assumptions about people and how they live, but majority of the time, only a fraction of their whole story is truly revealed.

It’s important for citizens to remain informed and refrain from behaving in negative manners. It seems almost cruel for any one person to look down upon another simply for not living the same lifestyle as they do.

For those that are homeless, hard work and determination is the center of them gaining or regaining their good habits. And for those looking to assist, kindness is a key element in preventing further deterioration in others self confidence. Self-conciousness comes mostly from the judgments of others.

If equality is instilled in the minds of our citizens, then we will be able to grow at least one step closer to ending the suffering and tragedy that is homelessness.

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