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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Senate Bill 850

Sunday Sept. 28, Gov. Jerry Brown signed the Senate Bill that created a pilot program allowing 15 community colleges in California to offer four-year bachelor’s degrees for technical majors.

“The program would add another layer to colleges’ core mission,” said Senator Marty Block. “This is a legislation that is a game changer for California’s higher education system and our workforce preparedness.”

The approximate cost of tuition will be at around $10,000 after four years, which is more than half of what it is now to obtain a four-year degree at a state university.

Representatives from the four-year universities will work to create programs that will satisfy bachelor’s degree requirements.

The degree programs are strictly for those that are technical and not offered at public universities.

“The public universities either do not offer bachelor’s degrees in these fields or are impacted to such an extent that they cannot comply of provide access to enourmous student demands,” explains Constance Carroll, District Chancellor.

Samuel Foster, faculty senate president at Fullerton College, revealed that our senate endorsed the thought that our district should be involved in this pilot program.

Fullerton College’s status on whether or not we will be among the 15 colleges offering four-year degrees will be decided at the next faculty meeting.

Should Fullerton College decide to, they will have to see what specific degree program to pursue.

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