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Deth Coast: A New Alternative Sound

Deth Coast, an OC-based band that got their start at Fullerton College, blends punk, surf rock and Midwest emo for a sound all their own.
From left to right: Tyler Fries, Marco Carretero, David Martinez, Misael Lara. (Courtesy of Deth Coast)

The audience sways back and forth in the concert hall of The Observatory in Santa Ana as the song “Señorita” is performed. The romantically written chord progression on electric guitar is accompanied by the lyrics, “Señorita, I was made for loving you.” The song comes to an end and the audience is suddenly jolted by the fast tempoed track that comes next. A gritty electric guitar plays distorted riffs and the lyrics “What’s life everlasting? If we’re all gonna die,” is mumbled into the mic. This band isn’t the average punk, surf rock, or Midwest emo group, but instead they’re all of the above.

Deth Coast is a local OC band that is perfect for music buffs looking to enjoy multiple genres. They’ve performed at numerous venues such as The Fox Theater in Pomona, La Santa in Santa Ana and House of Heroine in Corona. Deth Coast started off with their 2020 EP “Worst Coast,” which holds their biggest hit song, “Senorita.” It currently holds 31,000 listens on Spotify and 4,000 on YouTube. The surf-punk band dropped their first album “Peach Fuzz” in November of 2023, which is best described by Martinez, as being melancholic with a vibrant beat.

The band consists of 4 talented musicians. David Martinez is the lead vocalist and one of the guitarists, Misael Lara is the lead guitarist, Tyler Fries plays the drums, and Marco Carretero is the bassist of the group.


Deth Coast got their start in late 2019 when Lara set up flyers around the music buildings of Fullerton College and Mount San Antonio College. These flyers were filled with images of talented and successful artists, such as The Beatles, Kanye, Fidlar, Joyce Manor and The Garden. Lara’s intention was to attract musicians willing to be a part of a creatively versatile group. “If they’re willing enough to reply to that shitty flyer, then they’re shitty enough for me,” says Lara. Clearly this worked, as the flyers caught the eye of their drummer and lead vocalist, Fries and Martinez. In February of 2023, Carretero officially joined the band as their bassist after working with them in the studio and playing some shows as a temporary bassist. “For a little bit, I was just recording and then slowly they were like, ‘Oh, let’s play a show.’ Next thing you know I’m in the band,” says Carretero.

Deth Coast has some clear intentions when it comes to their shows, and that is to keep the audience dancing, moshing, singing and enjoying the moment. “I’m not trying to give you a fucking seizure. But I do want you to feel something,” says Lara. Fries lists off inspirations of artists who Deth Coast looks up to when performing. They love how Julian Casablancas from The Strokes presents himself. Martinez sees Blink-182 as an inspiration because “Misa brings that energy to the stage. Just jumping up and down, bringing energy to the crowd.”

A Deth Coast flyer promoting their show at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, designed by Fries.

Apart from creating music, the members of Deth Coast have other roles to fill. Fries, does the graphic designing for their album and EP covers, and creates custom setlists. Martinez is known for keeping Deth Coast grounded when it comes to creative focus. Carretero just joined Deth Coast and is still finding his role besides being a killer bassist. Last but not least, Lara is explained by the band to be “the brains of the operation,” due to him being responsible for the heavy lifting of the band. He is said to be the best when it comes to making connections for the band. Lara says, “My role is to try my best and take care of my boys. If my boys are good, I’m good.” Deth Coast is more than just a band, but a friendship bonded by music to express their unique voices as a whole.

Deth Coast plans on continuing to create their one of a kind sound. With the release of their new album “Peach Fuzz,” more shows are yet to come. Deth Coast will have more pits, excitement and somber songs to maintain their well-rounded sound.


Taken from the Fall 2023 print issue of Inside Fullerton. Read it here.

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