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Campus Safety Providing On Call Help

Originally written for publishing on April 29, 2013.

It is not out of the ordinary for a crime to occur on campus, especially with the massive number of students that attend Fullerton College. But just how cohesive is the relationship between Campus Safety and the Fullerton College Police Department?

“Over the years Campus Safety has had a good and very professional relationship with Fullerton police,” said Campus Safety Coordinator Jim Mckamy.

Fullerton Police and Campus Safety have what Mckamy calls a “memorandum of understanding.”

If a crime, such as a petty theft, occurs on campus, it is immediately Campus Safety’s responsibility. However, crimes of great magnitude such as campus shootings or a sexual assault on campus are something that Campus Safety immediately hands over to Fullerton Police, according to Mckamy.

In 2011 the OC Weekly reported that 23-year-old Raul Barrientos was charged with sexually assaulting a disabled 19-year-old student in one of Fullerton College’s bathrooms.

In regards to sexual assaults on campus, which young women are more often victims of, Mckamy has recommendations for students.

“Be cautious of who they talk to and give their number out to,” Mckamy advised.

In addition, he mentioned that Campus Safety has an escort system for students who have parked their car on campus.

“Students [should] take advantage of the escort system as well as the buddy system on campus, especially after dark,” encouraged Mckamy

If a sexual assault occurs to a student, the first step they must take is letting Campus Police know. Which is why Mckamy recommends all students keep Campus Safety’s phone number saved for emergency situations. That phone number is (714) 992-7080.

Crimes occur everywhere, it’s inevitable. But it’s the resources that are provided to reprimand these crimes that allow students to feel safe on their campus.

Another recent incident at FC occurred on Wednesday, April 24, a female student began convulsing and experienced a seizure while crossing Chapman Avenue. Two students immediately came to help her and immediately called Campus Safety who responded within minutes.

Randall Solis one of the student who came to assist the seizing student and called Campus Safety.

When she fell, no one was around but a couple of people, students didn’t know what to do so they called Campus Safety and they showed up right away, then they called backup with emergency kit,” said Solis.

While the Fullerton Police Department is always available in times of peril, it helps to have Campus Safety on campus to provide instant care and assistance to students.

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