What is your biggest pet peeve?

Stephanie Lara

The classroom is for learning and sometimes the most distracting place to be. We asked students what their biggest pet peeve was in their classes.

Daniel Lutz.JPG
Daniel Lutz, Mortuary Science Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

“When professors don’t understand the First Amendment of the US Constitution. The document I spent eight years of my life defending, applies everywhere, including their classroom.”

Daniel Lutz: Mortuary Science

Jennifer Guizar.JPG
Jennifer Guizar, Undecided Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

“When the professor is talking and there’s other students talking on the side, I think it’s very disrespectful.”

Jennifer Guizar: Undecided


Angelo Quijano.JPG
Angelo Quijano, Biomedical Engineering Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

“When someone borrows your pencil, and they start chewing on it.”

Angelo Quijano: Biomedical Engineering


Joseph Vu.JPG
Joseph Vu, Kinesiology Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

“When people talk loudly in class and I can’t focus on the teacher.”

Joseph Vu: Kinesiology