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Haunts aboard the ship

Halloween takes over theme parks on the month of October with haunted theme attractions and decorations to spook guests but the Iconic Queen Mary is said to be haunted year round and always welcomes their guests to stay abroad their haunted ship.

This year “Evils Lurks Within” invites the audience to experience the history of the haunted souls that lurk within the Queen Mary inspired by stories and sightings from abroad the ship including a few new twists.

The opening night of the Haunted Harbor featured an introduction of the main characters hosted by The Ring Master who tells the tales of the rest of the souls abroad the ship .The captain was devoted to the Queen Mary and now he is the captain of the Dark Harbor and all of the spirits who haunt it, “beware, he may just choose you to serve along side his vicious spirits” said the Ring Master.

One of the new mazes takes you through the most haunted cabin of the ship, B340, this room has been reported to be the most paranormal of all and now guests are invited to walk through the journey with Samuel The Savage, the character who is said to have had a killing spree and later ripped himself apart in that room.

Soulmate is also a new maze that follows the story of Graceful Gale, whom vanished upon the ship and is now looking for a soulmate to join her for eternity.

Voodoo Village is the newest twist brought to the Haunted Harbor, this maze takes guest through the Voodoo Priestess Village of horrifying sacrifices and murky bayous.

The returning mazes such as Deadrise,Circus, Submerged ,and Freakshow still had those who dared to enter screaming as they made their way through the mazes.

The newest and most anticipated maze of the nights is Encounters, it takes you through an exclusive haunt, the downside is that they charge and extra $15 to participate, plus they make you sign a waiver.

The Queen Mary may not be as large as some of the other theme parks available this Halloween season but it definitely has a different kind of scare .The chilling creepiness of its already haunted background can’t be found in most other scare mazes.

Overall the Haunted Harbor offers a spooky and entertaining night to its guest, It is far less crowded and lines go by fast.

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